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Jupiter+Saturn Super-Conjunction: Christos SUPERSTAR!

Jupiter and Saturn align at 0 degrees Aquarius to form a “super conjunction” that opens a portal to the future! Conjunction energy happens when two or more planets come together in the sky at the same degree. When two planets come together they create a magnetic field. Conjunctions are about intensifying this magnetic power. This magnetic field is opening a portal of experience, possibilities, and potential in Aquarius. The Jupiter + Saturn Super Conjunction is opening a Portal for the collective of Humanity to experience what is beyond our greatest imagination. Take my instant download Masterclass to discover the power of this Super Conjunction!

The super conjunction alignment of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius has not happened at this degree since March 4, 1226. This was the time of the Albigensian Crusades (1209-1226). The first declared “Holy War” of the Catholic Church upon a group of people. “Bonnes Hommes et Bonnes Femmes” were the people known as the Cathars in the Languedoc region of southern France.


As I look back through the annals of Time, the Sabian Symbols helps retell the story of the Christos Superstar! In today’s chart of 2020, Chiron, le Christos, is at the 2020 Zodiac Year degree of 4 degrees Aries. This is the healing of the Wounded Spiritual Warrior. “A Triangle with Wings” soars high above the clouds taking humanity on a journey of Devotion. The Super Conjunction invites you to take a journey of profound faith in the power of Love. Come into oneness with the yoga of Bhakti and learn to live a heart-centered life.

In the Draconic chart of the December 21, 2020 chart of the Super-Conjunction, Jupiter, and Saturn align at 10 degrees Scorpio. The symbol points to your Mind’s Third Eye as “A Drowning Man rescued”. The message here is: “Projecting faith into the future makes us safe from danger.” The cure for drowning in the sea of your emotional instability is found in establishing a relationship with nature. The beauty, tranquillity, and wonder soothe a broken heart. When you commune with the real physical world, you become an expression of a higher spiritual dimension. It takes great courage to be happy in the midst of suffering. It takes great courage to practice faith when the society around you is fearful. But this leap of faith towards happiness and joy is a risk worth taking!

The Deeper Spiritual Message:

Open up and listen to the loving and positive intentions that emanate from your Soul. You are a healing balm to yourself and others. You are a Rose of the Divine Heart of the Christos! Stay attuned to a spiritual wavelength. This energy simplifies, harmonizes, and elevates the creative Field around you. Be your true Self and let all negativity fall away from you. Your path is opening up before you and it is beautiful!

Be the kiss of the Divine and let the spiritual light of Love drop into the physical world. Let the hardness of the fear-based world be softened by the kiss of your love. As the hardness of life disappears, the fragrance of your divine love fills the world like a healing balm.

Be free and unlimited. Free yourself from aggression and rebellion. Elevate yourself beyond the old paradigms that have been running the world. Emit a fresh vibration, like a perfume, that rebirths the world in wonder and beauty of your Soul on fire in LOVE!

Your mission if you choose to accept it:


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