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Sun Moves into Aries 2021

Sun in Aries from March 20 – April 19, 2021

Welcome to the season of Aries! When the Sun enters into the sign of Aries it brings the powerful “leap forward” energy of Spring! Everything gets busy in Nature to pollinate and bloom. This happens within your physical body as well. The Spring Equinox or Sun at 0 degrees Aries is the beginning of the new astrological year. So 2021 has officially begun!

Happy Birthday, Aries!

This is the time of year when the Aries babies celebrate their Return of the Sun solar birthdays! Woohoo! Each year the Sun returns to your Natal position to bring you all the energy and resources you need to live the best year of your life. As the Sun Returns, it creates a brand new chart called a “Solar Return” that is only in effect for 365 days. The Solar Return chart explains what your new year of growth is all about and the blueprint for making it happen. Treat yourself to the best birthday present on the planet ~ a Lunar Ladies Solar Return Oracle!

Aries Astrology 101

Those born when the Sun is in Aries are gifted with a direct, fiery nature. Aries people are fearless, powerful, and natural-born leaders with all that firepower. Being a Cardinal and Fire sign, Aries is the “child of the Zodiac”. The Aries mantra is “I AM”.

Ruled by the planet Mars, Aries can’t wait to get started and get into action! Mars is your courage, fearlessness, and passions. Mars represents your inner Masculine energy and is the Warrior archetype of the Zodiac.

Aries rules the First House of the Natal Chart. The First House is all about YOU! Who am I? What do I look like? The First House is about your physicality and it is the energy that attracts others to you as the “first impression” frequency. What sign rules your First House? Learn more about Rising Signs here.

Aries rules the blood, head, and pressure of your circulation system. Aries, the Mars Warrior, desires to move the body, be strong, and show up powerfully. One of the keys to good circulation is movement. Aries energy strengthens and tones your muscles and blood to be youthful and slow down the aging process.

Aries Decans

Are you born during the Sun in Aries? Aries energy has three energies or Decans. The first decan or part is from 0-9 degrees, Aries. This energy is “double trouble” or double Aries. It is the full-blown power of Aries. The second decan or part of Aries is from 10-19 degrees. This energetic carries the flavor of the next Fire element sign, Leo. These Aries people have a flair for self-expression, creativity, and flamboyant charm. The third decan or part is from 20-29 degrees, Aries. This energetic carries the seasoning of the next Fire element sign, Sagittarius.

Your Natal Chart

Do you have your Natal Chart and do you know how to read it? You can get your Natal Chart plus a 25+ page report or splurge for the Natal Oracle Reading here. Sign up for the Lunar Ladies signature “Decoding the Secrets of your Natal Chart” course that starts April 12th!

Check out Lunar Ladies free Resource Library to find out more about the Sun in Aries!

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