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Sun in Cancer: Summer Solstice 2021

Summer Solstice at 0 degrees Cancer on June 20, 2021 at 8:32 PM PDT/11:32 PM EDT

The Sun moves into the sign of Cancer and reaches its zenith point on the Earth along the Ecliptic. This is the sacred time of year that we call “Summer Solstice” in the Northern Hemisphere. Our Soul family down under call this time of year “Winter Solstice” because the Sun is furthest away from the Southern Hemisphere.

Litha, The Goddess of Summer

Litha is the Goddess of the Summer Solstice. Litha is a time to celebrate life with the element of Fire and the Sun. Midsummer comes as the longest day and the shortest night of the year. According to the latest issue of Wicca Magazine, “The Goddess has become pregnant and the Sun God, the Oak King, is at the pinnacle of his virility. Litha is the celebration of the climax of the solar year. When the sun is at his zenith of life-giving power. Litha is a time to rejoice in the fertility, fulfillment, and culmination of achievements. It is at this time Wiccans honor the surrender of the Oak King’s reign to his twin brother, the Holly King. Just as the sun has reached the height of power, the wheel of the year turns, and the growing light shifts to increasing the increments of the dark.”

Summer Solstice 2021

The Summer Solstice marks the waxing first cross-quarter in the Astrological Year. Now is the time to “get into action” as the summer Sun grows the food to harvest and the sign of Cancer brings the Cardinal Water element energy to nourish our bodies, minds, and souls.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon so we look to the Moon’s energy in the event chart for Summer Solstice 2021. The Moon is in the Gibbous Phase in the sign of Scorpio. This is known as the “Cloaked One’s Moon”. The Gibbous Phase gets the party started and in Scorpio, we dive deep into our psychic intuitive knowing. The next three months until Autumn Equinox is about generating your ancient psychic power.

The “Cloaked One’s Moon” is in a YOD formation to the North Node and Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. This is the pure energy of spiritual Light. In the 3D physical world, it is highly unstable similar to radioactive isotopes. It is energy coming from higher dimensions. In order to stabilize the energy, you have to ground it to the center of the Earth – connect it to the spirit of Gaia. It is purifying and beautiful energy when you know how to use it right. The North Node activates this purifying psychic vibration so that every person on the planet fulfills destiny – to become psychic and telepathic.

The second huge alignment is a Fixed Grand Cross that forms from the Scorpio Moon, Saturn, Uranus, and Mars. Each person must realize that they are a Soul experiencing a sacred journey through the cross of Spirit and Matter. Harmony is found in discovering the relationship between Saturn and Mars and the Moon and Uranus over the next three months. The Moon and Uranus direct you to the healing energy of Nature and the medicine of Power Animals. Saturn and Mars are building a bridge between the heart’s courageous ability to love with abandon and the higher mind’s ability to connect with the wisdom of the stars.

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Return of the Sun: Happy Birthday Cancers!

As the Sun changes signs, another round of birthdays come for the Souls born during each transit. Now it is the time of the Cancerians to celebrate their Return of the Sun. Birthdays are so special because not only do they feel good, but it is the energy of the Sun that recharges our bodies, minds, and Souls for another year on Earth. This the best time to get a Solar Return birthday reading to show you what part of your Natal Chart is activated for the next 365 days. In honor of the Cancerian birthdays, here is a Coupon Code for 20% off a Solar Return Oracle Reading or Report. Coupon Code: CANCER20

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