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Summer Solstice! Potent Sun Power Portal

Summer Solstice, the celebration of “Litha”, is here on June 21st at 12:23 AM PST! The Sun slides into Cancer and with it brings the celebration of Summer! This is when Nature honors the glory of the joy the Sun brings! The Sun reaches its height of power in the Northern hemisphere. It is known to the be the longest day of the year.

After Summer Solstice, the Sun’s begins it’s descent into the Southern hemisphere. Today our Southern Hemisphere family celebrates the first day of Winter where they welcome the Sun back.

The Sun represents power, abundance, growth, fertility, light and Fire upon the Earth. We can capture energy with solar panels. We can grow our food. We can start a fire with the light of the Sun. Our skin absorbs vitamins from the Sun. The Sun and Water give life to our beautiful, blue planet. It’s definitely cause for celebration!

Summer Solstice ushers in the energy of “New Beginnings” and we are in double luck because a New Moon in Cancer happens June 23, 2017 at 7:30 PM PST. Woohoo! This is a great time to plant veggies and flowers that have already been started. (Springtime is the time to plant your seeds in the ground.)

Great things to do!:

Summer Solstice is a great day to have a picnic, BBQ and have fun with family and friends. On the magical side, it’s a great day for a Divination reading with Tarot or Oracle cards. Talk to the Faeries now and thank them for keeping magic alive so we don’t forget who we are! Start your day early with watching the Sun rise. Raise your arms to greet the Sun and align your body with Sun Salutations. Make Sun tea and enjoy it all day long (if you place it out at sunrise, it will be ready at Noon).

Stop what you are doing at 12:00 PM to acknowledge the Sun and all your blessings!

Summer Solstice is celebrated with bonfires. Write out what you want to release on this magical day. The waning Moon will release it and the Solstice fire will burn it away.  Take advantage of this powerful time of the year to release old, karmic gunk! Believe me, you don’t need it anymore. Join the Lunar Ladies Lifestyle group to learn more high frequency goodies.

Enjoy your celebration of Life and Love!


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