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Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice + Full Moon = Celebrate your Calling!

What is your Soul calling you to do? Who do you need to become to answer the call? These are the questions to celebrate with this very rare Full Moon Summer Solstice Celebration!

This Full Moon on June 20, 2016 at 4:02 AM PST at 29 degrees Sagittarius is the second of two Full Moons building a bridge to your Higher Mind. Your Higher Mind holds your world and galactic view on Life, your purpose for being here now and your Soul’s mission. The Full Moon on May 21, 2016 initiated a deeper connection to your purpose and this Full Moon is the culmination of your realization!

The Sun is at its “Zenith Point” on the Solstice and is putting on a big party in the Cosmos celebrating its life-giving powers. The Ancients celebrated this day worldwide and here in the Northern Hemisphere it marks the first day of Summer. Which is a great cause for celebration, right?! Combine this with this very powerful and rare Full Moon who’s phase is also “Celebration” and you have one high-frequency planetary party going on!!


Our blessed 29 degree Summer Solstice Full Moon Sagittarius Moon is connected to an energetic vortex called a “Mystic Rectangle”. A Mystic Rectangle is formed by two trines (120 degrees) and two sextiles (60 degrees) creating harmonic sacred geometry. But only a true Witch/Wizard knows how to unlock its power. Shhhh…. the secret is in it’s the octave planets (180 degrees).

This vortex’s energy is made from Ceres “Grandmother”/Uranus “Liberator”/Eris “Return of the Feminine” in Aries “I AM Presence Fire” trine to the Full Moon in Sagittarius “Higher Spiritual Mind”.  Sun “Self”/Venus “Divine Feminine + Love Expression” in Gemini “Mind Messenger” trine to Juno “Partner” (Retrograde), Verte “Divine Truth” and Lilith “Wild Feminine” in Libra. Aries/Gemini and Sagittarius/Libra make up the sextiles. What holds the shakti of this vortex is the Sun/Venus octave to the Full Moon and the Ceres/Uranus/Eris octave to Juno/Verte/Lilith octave. Understanding how to tap into this frequency is wielding the power of Fire “Spirit” and Air “Creation”!


This 2nd of two Full Moons is re-engaging the May 21st portal in your personal Natal chart. It’s time to truly stand up for what you believe in and know that what you value are your guiding principles for a Soul-led life.

Your Higher Purpose is calling you to remember what you were sent here to fulfill. Remember your mission here on Earth and do it now! Whatever our missions, the energy to enact will be amplified in our hearts and minds.

We all have a higher purpose — a reason for being on planet Earth. Some of us are here to make radical change and bring new innovation into the world. Some of us are here to heal and care for the world. And others are here to deliver a message of importance into the world. Which one are you?

Everyone has a karmic destiny written before their births. This Full Moon is going to light up that destiny for you! Pay close attention to thoughts, feelings or desires that light your heart and mind on FIRE; ie: PASSION! That is where you are being called. That is the Truth of what you are here to do. Wow!

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