Summer Solstice:  A Time to Celebrate!

Summer Solstice happens today at 9:38 AM PST and is a sacred time of year that opens the portals of “Celebration” in the Northern Hemisphere. Each day during our summertime, the Sun travels further South. As the Sun, our Giver of Light, gradually leaves us, it is a time to “Celebrate” the warmth, light and joy that is available for each of us this summer.

During Summer Solstice 2015, we are enchanted by Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo lighting up our summer nights. This is a sign of luck in Love and Good Fortune as it expresses itself in our emotional Lunar subconscious.

Ponder how love, creativity, and self-expression satisfy a deep yearning to be appreciated and admired. Allow yourself to be flashy, flirty and stylish this summer. Add a splash of color and warmth. This “joie de vivre” will serve as an energy resource to remind others to find their own creative and joyful self-expression, too.

All in all, take this time to celebrate who you are, celebrate the creativity that you admire in others and appreciate each warm summer day and magical starlit night!

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