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Summer Mercury RX Journey ~ Vacation for Solar/Lunar Self

Mercury Retrograde at 4:14 PM on July 7, 2019
at 4 degrees Leo to 23 degrees Cancer.
RX Journey:  07/07-31/19


Mercury does a “Cha-cha” with Mars as He takes a step forward and back during His station into retrograde motion on July 7th. Mercury slows way down now and makes his way back into Cancer during the next 3 weeks. Mercury finishes his review for you on the next New Moon “Black Moon” on July 31st. (See the Shadow Zone timeline below.)

Mercury shines a big spotlight of the Summer Eclipse Season and takes you on a ride to alchemize your Solar (external Self) and Lunar (internal Self) identities. The Sun eclipses the North Node’s wave of destiny and the Moon eclipses the South Node’s unraveling of the past. This journey is so interesting!

Watery Vibrations!

Mercury spends most of its time in the WATER element in 2019 due to the retrograde journeys in Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. This means that 2019 has a mental focus on emotions, feelings and consciousness. Emotions are “energy in motion” and my feeling is that your lower mind is receiving massive amounts of healing this year to move old, stagnant beliefs and behavioral patterns towards LETTING GO! Yes! This year you are learning to individualize: think for yourself and trust your intuition over logic. That’s why tuning into your physical body is vastly important!

Mercury RX is the time of the year when the Right brain is activated. The Water element is feelings based and governed by the right brain as well. This is your year to listen to the silence of your inner voice. Tune into your heartbeat to quiet the mind. This will help you find that “silence” in meditation. Mercury retrogrades are helping you learn to think differently, listen differently and speak differently.

Mars and Mercury:

Mars with Mercury definitely fires up the external masculine energy. In the unconscious state, this can become anger and frustration out of control. Chiron “the Wounded Healer” in Aries appears to shift the fiery energy. The new dynamic in review is between the Wounded Healer, the Shapeshifter and the Warrior. Watch for shadow energy emanating from your deep inner underworld. What comes up will be a mirror to help you release unconscious ignorance and bring that ignorance into the light. This is taking the dross of ignorance and shift it into gold of enlightenment!

Enter Venus:

Venus arrives on the Mercury RX scene to take care of Mars and use the powerful cardinal square energy with Chiron to redirect lower emotional frequencies into what you value. Venus dances to the rhythm of Inclusion from a place of love and empowered self-security. The wounded self, or Ego, operates from a place of Exclusion from a place of fear and loathing.

Symbols Power = Language of Images

Mercury Symbol at 4 degrees Leo: 
“Through narrow, winding streets, a man is following a mysterious woman.”

Mercury lights a fire on your burning desire to know what is at your core, hidden aspects of your Self. Let this curiosity lead you – both within and without – and take you far from the known. Follow your truth.

Mercury shows what you aspects of you that are far more developed and wise than your other aspects. This RX journey is for your undeveloped side to catch up. Keep your eternal energy at the forefront as it serves the wise one within. Let both aspects of yourself grow more and more to see one another and to love one another.

Mars brings you this image:
“A forest of mirrors used to collect the sun’s energy.”

Mars ignites your devotion to becoming the highest and finest vibration possible. Mars advises you not to push yourself too hard, though, because being Light is effortless in nature. Your goal as a Lightworker is to bring light to as many people as possible. Being overly obsessed can have the opposite effect. Remember to let go and let GOD.

As a Lightworker, your physical vibration is key. The development of beauty and health feeds your body and Soul. Mars helps you do the dirty work by getting you into right action:  rich nutrition and empowered strength that creates luxurious abundance. It’s time to be nurtured at a deep and grounded level.

Entering & Leaving the Shadow Zone:

Pre-Shadow:  23 degrees Cancer on June 20-21 Summer Solstice. On July 31st, you will experience what needs to be resolved from June 20-21, 2019.

Mercury RX Journey:  July 7 – 31, 2019 ~ 4 degrees Leo to 23 degrees Cancer

Post-Shadow:  4 degrees Leo on August 14-15, 2019. On August 14-15th you will experience what needs to be resolved from July 7th.

Mercury RX is officially over when Mercury arrives at 5 degrees Leo on August 16, 2019.

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