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Stop, Look, & Listen ~ Mercury RX Gemini 2022

Mercury goes Retrograde at 4 degrees Gemini on May 10, 2022, at 4:47 AM PDT

Mercury takes his second Retrograde journey in 2022 in his home sign of Gemini. In 2022, the Mercury retrograde journeys embody the elemental energy of the Air turning to Earth. In the beginning of the year, we had Aquarius turning to Capricorn (Fixed Air to Cardinal Earth). Now, we have Gemini turning to Taurus (Mutable Air to Fixed Earth). Later this year, we will have Libra turning to Virgo (Cardinal Air to Mutable Earth). Read more about Mercury Retrogrades here.

The AIR element governs your mental body, relationships, and envisioning the future with others. The EARTH element governs your physical body, overall well-being, and how your gifts, skills, and talents leave a mark in the world.

Pre & Post Shadow Dates:

The retrograde journey includes the time spent in retrograde and the dates that Mercury crossed the degrees. The pre-shadow zone begins when Mercury crossed the ending degree of this retrograde journey. The post-shadow zone ends when Mercury crosses the beginning degree when the retrograde starts. Here are the dates:

  • Pre-Shadow Zone at 26 degrees Taurus began: April 27, 2022
  • Retrograde begins at 4 degrees Gemini: May 10, 2022
  • Retrograde ends: June 3, 2022
  • Post-Shadow Zone ends: June 20, 2022

Activate your intuitive critical thinking skills!

When Mercury goes retrograde, it activates the natal Mercury in everyone’s chart. If your natal Mercury is in Gemini (most aligned), or in a Mutable sign (Sagittarius, Virgo, or Pisces), then you will be most activated by this journey. If you have a natal Mercury in an Air sign, you will receive opportunities for harmonic gifts to be received. If your natal Mercury is in a Fire sign, you will be in a deep harmonic empowered state to merge with the energy. The other element signs Earth and Water will receive an upgrade in their alignment to the Air element in their lives (mental patterns, relationships, and humanitarian efforts).

When Mercury is in his home sign of Gemini, it is the best time to slow down and more easily connect to establishing a meditation practice. Mercury likes movement. A great way to empower your meditation practice is to be curious about what is going on in Nature. Take time to sit still and observe the goings-on that happens in your neighborhood, park, or woodland. Go outside and breathe fresh air. Sit in a park and listen to the sounds, hear the birds chatter and sing, and watch how the squirrels scurry about to and fro. It’s really fun and mentally relaxing. Journaling and enjoying writing a conscious stream of thoughts are also great ways to meditate during a Mercury in Gemini retrograde. I particularly like to study languages and learn to speak a “foreign tongue”. This also reenergizes the brain and increases your I.Q.

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Juno becomes the Sun!

Mercury squares the waxing Virgo Moon and Juno in Pisces creating a bigger field for change. Mercury infuses change through Feminine Goddess energy. In this position to the Moon, Juno becomes the Sun. Juno is the Goddess of marriage and partnerships. Mercury is exalted in Virgo, so the Moon takes precedent. At this degree, the Moon highlights working with other women in ceremony, rituals, and/or empowering groups. Remove jealousy and envy from your lower mind. Replace it with commraderie, friendship, and compassion. Juno merges you with hope and faith to restore any pain over loss. When you collaborate with other women in the name of love and caring, you will set into motion your ability to rise above hardship and sorrow.

NOTE: Look back to February 25, 2022. The Russian invasion of Ukraine dominated the headlines. Also in Columbia, abortion access was strengthened for women in the first 24-weeks of pregnancy.

The Key: Look at the Big Picture

The key to this T-square is found in the wisdom of 4 degrees Sagittarius. “An old owl in a tree” sits awaiting your questions. The invisible key again repeats the Mercury RX theme to sit quietly and observe what is happening around you. This is the power of the wise Owl – OBSERVATION. Look at your life from the perspective of being higher up in a tree. Be like the owl and look at the 360 bigger picture. Your observation skills will be most heightened at night (owls are nocturnal). Make contact with age-old wisdom and make your moves now based on well-thought-out decisions.

Moon yods Venus in Aries. This alignment directs you to be very grounded with your emotions. To ground your emotional body is to be more aligned with living from knowing your value. When you feel less deserving or lack self-worth, your emotional body can create disasters. The Moon’s Sabian Symbol is “A harem”. In the shadow, this is about owning feminine energy and enslaving it. Venus counters that level of trickery by showing up as “A crystal gazer”. Having a clear, focused, and purified mind will help keep you liberated and free – instead of your energy being obfuscated by an ulterior agenda.

Jupiter Rising!

Jupiter is at the critical degree of Pisces rebirthing into Aries. Foretelling. Jupiter expands your ability to envision what you want to be and develop yourself into becoming that vision. Slow down and look around at your life. What do you want to become now? Have your dreams changed? If so, how do you feel now? Jupiter can help you manifest your dream of you during this thoughtful Mercury retrograde. Take your time and really tap into the energy that is available to you. Be conscious and project your full Self into your future.

NOTE: “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!” Jupiter’s true sojourn in Aries happens at Winter Solstice, on December 19, 2022. Looking back in time is the art of changing the future’s possibilities.

Mercury’s Sabian Symbol: “A radical magazine”

Mercury begins his retrograde journey at 4 degrees Gemini. The Sabian Symbol is the image of “A radical magazine.” The energy of this degree is warning you to watch out for misinformation. Look for messages in the media that are focused on dividing and separating people. Divisive language and aggressive proselytizing are a major red flag from Mercury. Do not be tricked into taking action on hyperbolic rhetoric. The lesson of this journey is to CRITICALLY THINK!

Be curious and ask many questions before you initiate an action of making life-changing decisions. Mercury retrograde is about going slow, taking your time, being thoughtful, and playing smart. It’s the time to check, check, double check!

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