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Starseed Solar Eclipse! Higher Mind Downloads with New Moon in Aquarius

The New Moon and a partial Solar Eclipse happen on February 15, 2018 at 1:05 PM PST/4:05 PM EST at 27 degrees Aquarius. This celestial event broadcasts the “Starseed” degree of “27” emanating from the Pleiades constellation. Ooo high frequency evolution! Time to tune into and download from your Higher Consciousness! Are you ready?

New Moon energy is the most powerful timing of the lunar cycle to plant new seeds of intentional growth and creation in your life. The secret to accessing this lunar power is Stillness. I love Hexagram 52 of the I Ching “Keeping Still” ~ “To the mind that is still, the entire universe surrenders. The ancient Taoist sought only to release the sense of separation existing between ‘in here’ and ‘out there.’”

Solar Eclipse energy is about endings and beginnings. It is “Part 2” of the eclipse phase that started with the Super Full Blood Moon on January 31, 2018.  Solar eclipse starts a 6 month cycle of new beginnings. This is happening in a Fixed Energetic vibration to attract the future you know is possible. This energy is “drawing, magnetizing, rooting” and comes from Father Sky.

“Father’s Son Moon”:  The energy of the Aquarius New Moon carries the hope of the future. Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, is the Sky God and draws forth a new cycle of future innovations, pioneering efforts and new consciousness. Here the Divine Masculine is given new shoes to fill by upgrading his consciousness to fit the hopes and dreams of the Collective Soul. But the New Moon and Sun are accompanied by Mercury merged with Juno, Goddess of Union, and a Goddess Sextile chorus. This is a Feminine hope for the Future by merging into harmonic balance with the Masculine. Move over boys, it’s time to share Center Stage!

Sabian Symbols Story:  The Deep Reveal

The Sun and Moon at 27 degrees Aquarius:  “A TREE FELLED AND SAWED TO ENSURE A SUPPLY OF WOOD FOR THE WINTER.” KEYNOTE: Knowledge and skill used in its natural surroundings for the satisfaction of vital basic needs. KEYWORD:  INTELLIGENT FORESIGHT.  This symbol relates to natural way humanity prepares for the future ~ “what do I need for my future?” The Higher Mind sees the Tree and its wood as a helper to survive the elements. Understanding what is required to live close to nature, physicality and intelligence are needed. But the Higher Mind can enact every action to be part of a beautiful harmonic prayer giving thanks to Nature of which we are all a part of. How do you partake in the prayerful thanksgiving of your use of Nature and the resources to insure your well-being?

Mercury (MENTAL EFFICIENCY) and Juno (DELICACY OF FEELING) are the wayshowers holding court with the Solar Eclipse energy. Connect to your mental awareness through the merging of your “delicacy of feelings” when engaging with creating your 6-month new beginnings cycle. You will be so glad you did!

The Hand of God:  Yod to Jupiter and Eris

Scorpio Jupiter at 22 degrees (TRANSUBSTANTIANTION) creates a YOD ~ “Hand of God” to Aries Eris at 22 degrees (INNER FULFILLMENT) with Verte (CHANNELSHIP) and Uranus (OBSESSION) holding space. To stabilize this high frequency Lightning energy of transformation, feel into the depths of your 2nd Chakra and allow a spiritual transfiguration of your energy. Allow this spiritual shift to happen at the Core of your Being. Eris, Goddess of Dischord, will gift you Inner Fulfillment when you allow yourself to change from base animal nature to higher Deva spirt. The container is Divine Truth coming in the form of channeling a higher vibration of Spirit to release “this is all about me”. If you become too obsessed with your own personal evolution, you may miss the God force energy that wants this to happen on a global, galactic scale. Ground this energy for all of humanity.

Goddess Sextile:  Harmonic Sonnet

Lilith in 10 Capricorn (ARISTOCRACY), Venus in 6 Pisces (SELF-ASSERTION) and Pallas Athena in 9 Taurus (CONSECRATION TO HUMANITY) create a gorgeous Goddess Sextile. The 3 of Cups Goddesses form three arms of a Merkebah. Here is where you ignite and align with your Goddess energy.

There is an invisible forcefield that is created by the other three hidden arms. The hidden arms of the Merkabah are Cancer 10 (DECONDITIONING THROUGH HUMOR), Virgo 6 (EMPTINESS OF WAITING) and Scorpio 9 (COMRADESHIP). Feel into this invisible forcefield to connect the Goddess Sextile into a full Merkabah of power. (A Merkabah is the divine light vehicle used by ascended masters to connect with and reach those in the higher realms. “Mer” means Light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body.) Find these 6 houses in your chart to find your Goddess Merkabah!

The Takeaway:

Always get your Natal chart and see exactly where the alignments are taking place in your chart. Set your sights for 6 months from now and align with all the emotions of what this future feels like. Now is the time to show the world who you really are. Ignite your Goddess Merkabah and feel free to live how you want and love who you want. The Eclipse will help you break with your past and old, past life patterns.  Allow for your Higher Mind to download ideas on how to improve your life through positive, innovating and pioneering change. Be a Rebel of Peace, a Prayer Warrior and a Lunar Lady of Liberation! You will feel so good when you align with this manifest destiny!


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