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STARSEED Activation! Gemini Full “Storyteller’s Moon” Aligns with Alcyone

Gemini Full “Storyteller’s Moon” on November 22, 2018 at 9:39 PM PST/ November 23, 2018 at 12:39 AM PST/5:39 AM UK at 0 degrees ~ POTENT POWER!


The Full Moon shines massive light from the Pleiades during your holiday gathering. Gemini and Sagittarius align with Alcyone, the brightest Star-Sun in the Pleiades Taurus constellation. Amazing thought leaders, like Barbara Hand Clow, have attuned to insights that are going to blow your mind. Open your higher mind to ask, “What if our Sun is the 8th Pleiadian Sister?” The channeled information shows that our solar system is in the Alcyone Spiral which emanates higher truths from the Great Central Sun of the Galactic Center.

Huh?!! Whoa!

This Full Moon week is an Activator to uplift your lower mind and lower dimensional view of reality. Gemini Moon needs to know and the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius is opening the doors to Higher knowledge from a cosmic point of View ~ better yet, a Pleiadian point of view. Let the Storyteller and the Pleidian Sister Taygeta share with you ancient memories of your Stardust Self. This Full Moon also activates your Throat Chakra to speak the truth with courage and joy. You just may find it very hard to fib, tell white lies or hide what you are feeling moving forward into the Age of Aquarius. It’s okay. It may just take some getting used to.


Full Moon Energetics:

The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of:
Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped 

During the Full Moon Phase your New Moon in Scorpio intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your dreams expand into fruition plus you get two more weeks to devote to this intentional power.  Know that your intention is “out there” in the Universe, and Time is gathering the material to create a manifestation which best represents your highest good. Keep in mind that in six months, the Full Moon will be in the same House and sign as the New Moon of this cycle. Keep your faith intact because it may take six months for your intentions to actualize.


“Storyteller’s Moon”

Storyteller’s Moon opens your mind to understand the nature of your reality, not from facts but from your feelings. This is a mental Moon but designed to expand upon your feelings. You will reconnect to your ability to discern fact from fiction, not by mental agility but by developing your sentient observation skills. Deeper truths are found in age-old myths and stories from the ancient past. What stories speak to you? This is a great time to tune into Indigenous Creation myths or follow along Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey”. Archetypes now speak volumes to awaken and activate the timeless canons of the Living Cosmic Library within your Soul and bones. Become more skilled at identifying narratives that are created to control. Move into your awareness that can track universal truths that continue to reverberate since the beginning of Time.


Three-Way Mirror:  Body-Mind-Soul Activation

Taygeta is the Pleiadian Star Sister who embodies the vibration of the Storyteller. Ruling the Throat chakra, She tells the story of our origins from the Stars. Many of you have stardust memories, karma from other planetary incarnations and Starseed feelings that you just aren’t from here. This Full Moon’s alignment is an Activator to open up portals in your upper chakras. The Sun aligns with the Moon to create the Full Moon. The Full Moon becomes a Cosmic Mirror to shine and reflect the light of the Sun. Now the Full Moon comes into exact alignment with Alcyone to shine the light from The Pleiades. As this is the Storyteller’s Moon, the Sun, Moon and Alcyone invite Taygeta to also shine her messages to you on the planet Earth. Sing, hum and chant to open your Throat chakra to receive this Three-Way Mirror activation. Then speak words of love, truth, joy and Spirit all emanating from your Higher Mind that seeks the Law of Oneness. As you open up to the fulfillment of this Full Moon’s power, you may begin to channel voices, messages, truths and stories from ancient, advanced civilizations from far, far away!

Sabian Symbols:  A Deeper Look into the Cosmic Mirror

Sabian Symbols are images that act as vibrational keys to open up a vibrational field of awareness from the collective Psyche. As you continue to connect with the energy of this Scorpio lunar cycle, tune into the Sabian images appearing with the Sun, Moon and prominent planets.

The “Storyteller’s Moon” Symbol shines light on this message from the Pleiades: “A GLASS-BOTTOMED BOAT REVEALS UNDERSEA WONDERS.” MESSAGE:  The revelation of unconscious energies and submerged psychic structures.

The image of a “boat,” gives you the feeling of security as you peer into a hidden realm of humanity’s collective Unconscious. The boat keeps you safe above the waters but is see-through so you can see what is there.  Open your mind to become aware of the psychic depths below everyday thinking. At this stage, you may only be able to share the “discovery” of your vision. The feeling that comes will be one of wonder. You may catch yourself saying, “I did not know this could exist! How beautiful” or “How exciting!” Open up to “A NEW DIMENSION OF REALITY“.

Mercury, ruler of Gemini, has a beautiful message from the Gods to bring your experience to the highest place possible this week. His Symbol message is:  “IN THE LEFT SECTION OF AN ARCHAIC TEMPLE, A LAMP BURNS IN A CONTAINER SHAPED LIKE A HUMAN BODY.” MESSAGE: The “return to the body” to balance the stress on objective consciousness.

This symbol speaks of “physical enlightenment,” and the need to rely on “the wisdom of the body”. Mercury wants you to decondition your consciousness that has become a prisoner of your intellect. Look into the mirror of your cultural, political and/or religious conditioning that keeps you separated from the wisdom intelligence of your physical body. The body is not an animal or a machine. It is an acoustic work of art like a musical instrument. To meet life’s challenges, begin to ask your body to guide and direct your awareness and actions.

The Sagittarius Sun creates an octave to Alcyone to bring you this Symbol message:  “RETIRED ARMY VETERANS GATHER TO REAWAKEN OLD MEMORIES.” MESSAGE: The will to reaffirm the value of the struggle upon which group-achievements are founded.

The symbol of men who have come together as Army men are linked by actions that are rooted in a common past. This element of power that seeks to separate human from nature is seen through the military “Army” consciousness. Dedicated men who agree to follow rather rigid procedures of work seek to rekindle the old fire of well-fought battles. Sagittarius is a special kind of “fire” that burns the “now” to aspire to a greater future, based on the past. Comradeship is the togetherness of fighting spirits. The symbol is not merely the reunion of old comrades, but the PERPETUATION of the spirit of struggle for greater power.

Jupiter is expanding the Sun’s vibration. Jupiter is on track for generating a new cycle of 12 years of expansive growth in your Sagittarius-ruled house. The Benevolent King brings you this message:  ” A LITTLE CHILD LEARNING TO WALK WITH THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF HIS PARENTS.” MESSAGE: The natural assistance of superior powers during times of growth.

When you are young, you experience overcoming the power of gravitation by learning to walk. This is your first lesson in understanding how to fulfill your Soul’s purpose and life’s mission. This is your first critical state of growth — a growth in freedom, potency and individual use of Will. You are not alone in this first stage of becoming you. Your parents become the more evolved Power and Intelligence that encourages and gives examples to follow. This is where you learn how to RESOLVE CONFLICT to be used as a super power of your personal unfoldment. Jupiter comes to tell you, you are not alone and more evolved spiritual parents are watching over you, helping you learn to “walk” on your own two spiritual feet!


T-Square “Time-Out” for the Masculine:  Mars in Pisces

Mars is the focal point of this divine harmonic Full Moon octave. Mars newly released from his summer retrograde shadow is opening up to his Christ Conscious divine Masculine. At 4 degrees Pisces, Mars bring you this Symbol message of:  “A CHURCH BAZAAR.”  MESSAGE:  The value of giving a spiritual or transcendent sanction to even the most commonplace interchanges between individuals.

Here you find a social group, small or large, that brings in the element of religious gatherings. The purpose of organized religion is to meet the need of interpersonal relationships within the structure of a particular way of life and culture. Religions help to keep the society “whole” by making it “holy”. It  blesses groups of people with what is good and valuable. Mars uplifts the masculine part of yourself by offering the possibility of the “Presence of God” in even the most ordinary human activities. Allow your inner Masculine to be blessed by coming together in groups to celebrate what is good and valuable.


Integration of your Starseed Activation:

Lightworker Trap**:  An ancient symbol appears in this week’s Full Moon activation chart. The Trapezoid has been used for centuries to trap higher vibrational Souls in a labyrinth of illusions unable to find their way out. As the centuries go on, Lightworkers forget who they are, the longer they remain trapped by “Forgetfulness” in their incarnations. Over and over, karmic effects build from this place of amnesia ~ why the Lightworkers came to free the darkness of Earth by bringing more Light. The potent power of this Alcyone-infused Full Moon is activating Lightworkers to wake up and remember who they are and why they have come to this planet during the Great Shift from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. You are here to hold a higher bandwidth of Light as a Frequency Keeper. Align with this bright light of the Alcyone Stargate to break free of past life illusions. NOW!

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