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Connect to the two most powerful ways to generate money:

Giving and Receiving


We live in a world of energies and forces. Money is energy. When you begin to give a part of your money in support of a higher purpose of another, you direct the energy upwards into the vibration of Abundance for both you and the person you support. The energy of giving initiates the inflow of universal energy into your life. By continually giving in support, your needs are guaranteed to be taken care of by the continual inflow of higher substance and energy.

Tithing is a Spiritual concept. The original idea behind it was to acknowledge Source as the source of our supply. The idea is to give a certain percentage to Source.

Our current financial system is based on the beliefs of limitations and lack. The energy of Greed forces us, through lack, to look for the true source of our supply. Life lovingly forces you to learn to manifest your supply right out of universal substance. By engaging in tithing you place your trust in a higher vibration.  You shift your whole paradigm of Abundance by knowing you are supported by an unlimited supply of love and value.

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When you make giving to Source a firm part of our life, you open your inner and outer life to the inflow and outflow of Spirit’s love, life and abundance for you. Give in the Spirit of abundance, love and gratitude and not for the sake of a reward. Whatever you give, give it with a free and willing spirit. The spirit in which your offering is given determines its value, not the amount. Be consistent in your giving. The idea of tithing is to establish a rhythm of giving and receiving. Regular tithing to Spirit naturally places your thoughts on Spirit.

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Lunar Ladies Sponsorship program is designed to help you practice the Art of Receiving. This is how you begin to build faith and confidence in the omnipresent supply and shift your beliefs that all of life is governed by the Divine law of giving and receiving (which ranks higher than man-made laws). Your sponsorship marks your shift from the limits of visible supply to the infinity of the invisible supply of Source. All visible supply in the world comes from this blueprint of Source. This program helps build a bridge in your consciousness between earthly supply and spiritual supply.

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  • A Full Scholarship covers all costs for membership. A Partial Scholarship covers 50% of membership - your monthly cost would be $49-monthly or $497-annually.
  • (This can be anything that you do that goes to help another person, place or thing and doesn't need to be financial.)

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