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Moon and Mountains

Spiritual Soul Super Moon!

Time to open up and count your blessings. Saturday’s Super Full Moon in Pisces heralds a super Soul shift in consciousness. This Full Moon is special:  it’s one of three Super Moons (the Moon is closest to Earth), it is Karmic Twins with Neptune in Pisces (Retrograde) and it is the octave to the Sun twinning with Jupiter in Virgo.

This Cosmic symphony calls us to the deep Ocean of our emotions. The Piscean vibration celebrates the mysterious vastness of what lies beneath the surface and delights in the ultimate experience of letting go to the ever-changing currents of Life. Full Moon energy brings to light that which has been hidden. Stay awake within your heart to receive your emotional downloads!

What drives this spiritual ecstasy is a shift in consciousness. Access the “magic” of connecting, communicating and communing with other species, dimensions and realms. Allow your dreams, visions, insights to take center stage and be the guiding force in your life during the next 3 days. The Pisces vibe is your “Spiritual Companion”.

The octave to this dreamy Perception-shifting Super Moon is the Sun (self, personality, ego) twinning with Jupiter (benevolent expansion) in Virgo (wholeness). This twin alignment invites you to “Know Thyself.” Prioritize what serves your health and wellness on a daily basis and you will see that these same routines also serve others. Virgo wants you to be whole unto yourself and its eclectic Twin Pisces, wants you to give yourself to others in compassionate, loving kindness once you are full.

This beautiful song uplifts you into a new paradigm of fulfilling your emotional spiritual needs on a daily basis within health-conscious routines that serve both you and others. Take this opportunity to dissolve within your Soul consciousness as you prepare for Venus (how you express you Love) to ascend from the Underworld on September 6th. As She arises from the Underworld, Venus passes the baton to Mercury — going retrograde September 17th…

“The God who existed before any religion counts on you to make the oneness of the human family known and celebrated.”  -Desmond Tutu

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