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Spiritual Awakening! Leo Lunar Full Moon Eclipse

Do you feel a stirring deep within your heart? A massive swirling, rising creative fire is taking shape and your “Rrroarr!” will be heard across the galaxies. You are an integral part of an inner awakening happening throughout our personal and collective emotional consciousness. Friday’s Full Moon in Leo (02/10/17 at 4:33 PM PST) brings a lunar eclipse (at 4:43 PM PST), Comet 45P (at 12:00 AM PST), a Mystic Rectangle, a 5-pointed pentacle star and a pyramid formed by Saturn at its apex. The Great Awakening has begun! #hdigbtt

Eclipses are sliding doors able to shift realities and timelines. They are endings and beginnings. “As one door closes, another opens.” The Sun and Moon are 180 degrees apart from one another and bring into fullness the lunar cycle. Full Moons are a time of celebration, expansion, drawing people together and releasing what does not bring you ultimate joy.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 22 degrees Leo is part of a Mystical Rectangle opening a doorway to spiritual alchemical transformation. The Sun and Moon opposition along with Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries stabilize the base of the Mystical Rectangle to turn your dross into gold.

Saturn at 26 degrees Sagittarius is the receiver apex antenna connecting you to the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius. We, as a collective humanity, are aligning with our OverSoul and through spiritual discipline and devotion, we can receive this alchemical transmission together.

The 5-pointed pentacle Star symbolizes the star energy of Human beings. In Hermetic science, humans are the microcosm of the Universal macrocosm. “As above, so below.” Humans have the ability to bring Spirit to Earth. The number “5” is a mystical, prime number and also represents the five elements (earth, air, water, fire and Spirit at the top ruling over matter).

Here are just a few shifts that are in queue for you:

  • an abundance of radical, innovative creative energy
  • visionary courage to break free of the status quo
  • emotional imagination of your Open “Third Eye” Mind
  • supportive justice and fairness in all relationships
  • utopian visions of the future awakens Kundalini energy

The key to accessing and receiving this showering of Universal Grace is to have the fearless courage of a Lioness.  Allow this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to open your heart and align you with your timeline of possibilities of a higher bandwidth of spiritual living and devotion. Love is easy. Fear is hard.

To stabilize and ignite Alchemy:

  1. engage in non-violent organization for positive change
  2. allow your personal truth and integrity to shine like the Sun
  3. balance your cyber-world connection with unplugging and being outside connecting to Earth energy
  4. educate yourself to be free and sovereign
  5. let spiritual discipline be your focus moving forward

Eclipse energy is very potent and with the Full Moon, emotional energy is at its peak of expansion. The effects of eclipse alignments last six months when the next eclipse season begins. Let go of what no longer serves you especially from what was happening to you around September 2016. Open up to new possibilities for your life as a free and sovereign spiritual human being.

To finely tune your lunar insights of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo, find your Leo-ruled house and focus your transformation here. Join in the fun with the Lunar Ladies Club to learn easily how to accelerate and amplify your personal transformation. Better yet, join us for our next free webinar! Time to tune in and tune up! The world is waiting…

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