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Spirit of Giving ~ Awaken with the Taurus “Earth Mother” Full Moon

Full Blue “Earth Mother’s Moon” at 8 degrees on October 31, 2020 at 7:49 AM PDT/8:49 AM MDT/9:49 AM CDT/10:49 AM EDT

The second Full “Blue Moon” happens on All Hallow’s Eve in the sign of Taurus. The Full Moon and Sun make a 180-degree opposition. There is a great reunion in the air as the Full “Earth Mother” Moon reunites with Uranus, the Sky God. The opposing forcefield of the Scorpio Sun merges with the great Goddess of Marriage, Juno. This spells of a transformation of the Soul as the Veils part… Ooooo!

The Taurus Full Moon is known as the “Earth Mother’s Moon”. Beloved Gaia, Herself, merges with the power of Uranus in retrograde. Will the Earth shake, rumble and roll? Watch for undersea volcanic activity and the great Yellowstone. Send the Earth Love on a minute to minute basis. Trust and roll with what comes. Take nothing for granted. Do not be a pawn in the wizardry. Instead, be in your Casual Body and be The Witness. Realize that most of the goings-on are not even your game to play. Watch from above, high in the stadium, popcorn in hand along with your Soul’s remote to pause, fast forward, rewind, or stop when you have had enough.

Venus rules the sign of Taurus, merges with the Magdalene asteroid to harmonize the great wound that Chiron carries. At 4 degrees Libra and Aries, you are being guided back to the theme for this year ~ “A Triangle with Wings”. This means that in order to rise, you have to re-emerge into a new shape – one that flies. Remember the endearing joke given to us by the Angels: How do Angels fly? They take themselves lightly!”

The Scorpio Sun marries the Goddess Juno as she appears bearing the gifts of the thirteen moons. There is great work to be done as you reunite with your higher power. The Light codes remind you that it is your higher intelligence that is responsible for your lower self. You are meant to expand your Inner Phoenix to free yourself from the darkness of a lower vibratory nature. No more can we point our fingers at others. It has come to a glorious moment when you take responsibility for all your own actions, choices, emotions, and thoughts.

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio (with Mars being the ancient ruler). Pluto returns to the January 12th conjunction degree and this time fuels the tension between Saturn and Mercury in retrograde. Their intense energy opens up a remote view into January 2022. The 26th degree is drawn down by the Sun and Moon this weekend.

Look to 26th degree of Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, and Libra. Libra helps you balance your scales when you look at current situations from above. An overview allocates good judgment by seeing things at their highest probability. Mars in Aries generates your powers of imagination to recreate your life. Cancer reminds you that humanity has an inherent power to overcome problems in the most amazing ways. Finally, Saturn in Capricorn becomes the seeker who holds his path of self-realization with steadfast power!

Lightworker Snare BEWARE!

The Full Moon opens up a Trapezoid between Mercury, Neptune, and the Nodal Wave. The only way out is going deeper within your spiritual nature. Reconnect the spiritual power of Mercury to Neptune. Reconnect the God Essence of Jupiter to the North Node in Gemini. Unwind the South Node in Sagittarius to propel energy forward. This is the time to find your master teachers – those who live the way, not just teach the way. Mystical teachers guide you to places in your psyche that you had no idea existed. Let your Teachers – human, animal, plant, Angel – guide and teach you as you experience the descent of Spirit and the ascent of consciousness!


FULL MOON: The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of: Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped

During the Full Moon Phase, your New Moon in Libra intentions becomes signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your dreams expand into fruition with your intentional power. The Universe loves to manifest with you for your highest good. In April 2020, the Taurus New Moon set into motion a changing of timelines from 3D to 5D. Take yourself back to this moment in time and reconnect to what your intentions were. This month’s Full Moon in Taurus is the expanded fruition of not only 2 weeks ago, but 6 months ago, too. Grow your garden of gratitude that shall sustain during times of great triumph and tribulation.

Full Taurus Moon “Earth Mother’s Moon”

Earth Mother’s Moon is the Full Moon of Mother Nature. The immense magnetic power of the Full Moon expands the awareness of the environment, eco-system and your relationship to how you value the Earth. As you and the Collective move towards 2020, you are being asked to ascend from 3D ego consciousness to 5D Eco consciousness. Take this Taurus “Earth Mother’s Moon” to tune in more deeply to your Eco consciousness. Ask yourself, “Do you recognize the Panchamama Mother Earth as a sentient being of Feminine consciousness? Do you disregard, neglect, or forget She exists?” This is the time to give thanks and extreme gratitude for all that Mother Earth provides for you. She is the source of food, shelter, water, and the sexual energy that keeps procreation going at abundant levels. Tune into what you have, what you value, and what you give thanks for as a resounding prayer of your place in the glory of Creativity. Tune into where the Taurus Full Moon and Scorpio Sun are, in your chart, as they are calling your inner Wise Woman Warrior to rise (check your Natal Taurus-Scorpio axis in your chart!).

4th Lunar Mansion: “The Stone”

The 4th Lunar Mansion is “The Stone” of your New Moon’s experience of “The Door” in the 16th Lunar Mansion. Find your cornerstone that marks the sacred spot of your sovereignty on Mother Earth. The 4th Lunar Mansion is guarded by Mars, who is loving the ancient spotlight of the Scorpio Sun. But with the presence of Uranus, the Great Awakener, the 4th Lunar Mansion matches this frequency ~ quick sudden changes, surprises and KABOOM! It is your false sense of security that is being shaken. You will have to have your wits about you for sure. Learn more about the 4th Lunar Mansion and how to expand your lunar cycle in experience when you join the Lunar Ladies Club.

Moon enters Gateway #24: “Rationalization”:

The Full Moon and Uranus enter into the Gateway of “Rationalization”. This Human Design gateway teaches you about this law: two steps forward and one step back. This is the law that when there is expansion there is also contraction that follows. This contraction is what grounds your new version in the present, physical reality. The grounding serves as a correction to equalize your progression moving forward. Stand under the light of the Full Moon and the power of Uranus awakening to realize this law of the universe. Give thanks for the Universe way of getting things just right. Know that everything big thing that happens will have a recalibration. Recognize these moments as the Universe making sure you are right on track!

Taurus Moon & Scorpio Sun
: — : FULL MOON : — :

The 8 degree Taurus Moon creates FORM:
“A Christmas tree decorated.”

“The spiritual ideal of reciprocity is applied through the celebration of giving.”

The Earth Mother’s Moon and Uranus electrify the spirit of giving and abundance found in the material world. The Scorpio Sun’s light reminds you that you are the Alchemist who can create with the elements of the material world by turning your inner dross into gold. The Christmas Tree energy represents the collective spiritual wisdom that flows throughout the world. It comes to life via the joy of bringing happiness in the form of gifts to one another. Take the expanded opportunities to share what you have and give the gift of your joy. The act of giving releases emotional distortions and blockages in your heart chakra. Give to your community in some profound way as the Sun in Scorpio shows you that everything you do can be sacred. Rejoice and be prosperous. The Law of Reciprocity is here for you to play with. Giving is a spiritual practice that bridges worlds of the seen and unseen. Be the spirit of Christmas now!

: — : SCORPIO SUN : — :

The 8 degree Scorpio Sun creates the LOGOS:
A dentist at work.”

“We are required to make known to the world our highest sacred vision.”

The Scorpio Sun’s Sabian Symbol degree shares with you the power of your decisions. Teeth represent how and what we choose. The image of the dentist at work reminds you that it takes diligent work to choose wisely. To choose wisely, you must consider all the consequences of your choices and the subsequent effects of your actions. The Sun is helping you see that when you approach life with a continuous, conscientious awareness of all the details, you are activating your self-renewal or Phoenix power at a higher level of life force. The highest measure of your individual personhood is how you “practice what you preach”. Meaning, how well you demonstrate spirituality in your everyday interactions with the physical world. Know that because you are a divine spark of Creator Light, you are entrusted with the opportunity to be a sacred steward and fulfill your potential of that divine light within. Make everything you do extraordinary, especially that which you just might be taking for granted. Be a walking symbol of spiritual power!

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Inner Circle

The light of this Full Moon is overflowing with gratitude, divine love, and the desire to do your Soul work every day. Practice the Law of Reciprocity and realize that the Universe is continuously helping you to self-correct. Dig deep into your willingness to walk your talk and practice what you preach. The time is now to take full responsibility for your life knowing that your Higher Self can be in charge full time. In fact, it is your Higher Self that is responsible for all lower vibrations in your nature. Seek your master teachers and realize that every day is sacred and spiritual.

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