Your Natal Astrology Chart is your Soul Purpose blueprint. In it you can see your life purpose, your gifts, skills and talents, unresolved issues from other lifetimes and how your Soul will expand and fulfill your divine mission on the Earth.

Three key elements create the sacred geometry or matrix of the energetic blueprint you were born through.

  1. Your birthdate shows where the planets were in the Cosmos heralding your arrival.
  2. Your birthplace shows the longitudinal and latitude measurements of how the planets line up with the selected area of where you were born.
  3. Your birth time, calculates which constellation was rising above the horizon and tells the story of your emergence as a Soul.

Your energetic make up has three basic elements:  your Sun sign, your Moon sign and your Ascendant sign. These are three parts of you that make you, You!

  • Your Sun is how you know yourself to be and how you shine your light into the world.
  • Your Moon is how you feel, what  gives you a sense of comfort and how you create your life in the material world.
  • Your Ascendant is who you emerge as when you combine the gifts of your personality (Sun) and your subconscious awareness (Moon).

The Sun is your Masculine, the Moon is your Feminine and your Ascendant is the Divine Child.

Shannon Murray is truly gifted at seeing your energetic blueprint and translating its music into the Song of your Soul. The Song of your Soul, or your story, is made up of your Heroine’s Journey and your personal mythology that reveals your life purpose and divine mission.

Lunar Ladies offers you two ways to discover your Soul’s divine blueprint. First you can get your Natal Astrology Chart and in-depth report here for $30. Or you can really give yourself an awesome birthday gift by getting a 1:1 Reading with Shannon! Spend 1.5 hours with Shannon as she translates your year and gets you going in your most powerful direction to fulfill your purpose! The fee is $250 and includes your Natal Chart and in-depth report plus a recording of your 1:1 session. You can schedule your reading here.

Your Chart is a work of Art!

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