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I love this time of year. The fruits of the summer have been harvested and the world is ripe with Fall colors. Libra flows into Scorpio and the Veils between the worlds become thin. Something witchy this way comes with this next lunar cycle in Scorpio. The New Moon arrives with Halloween, Samhain and Day of the Dead on Sunday, October 30, 2016 at 10:38 AM PST at 7 degrees Scorpio. Time for rituals honoring the dead and keeping the bad spirits away.

Don’t be afraid. Scorpio is fearless in the face of rattling bones, cobwebs of the past and underworld Boogeymen. Scorpio lives in the depths of our emotions, the Underworld of our alternate Shadow. The Moon, however, is trapped by the intense depths of Scorpio’s vibrations and it is said to be in its “Fall”. The Moon is our feelings and in Scorpio, we feel EVERYTHING.

But again, fear not. The assembled group showing for this New Moon lunar cycle in Scorpio is positive in nature:

  • Moon: “Subconscious, Emotions, Security” in Scorpio “Death/Rebirth, Transformation, Underworld, Deep Emotions that require Trust” 
  • Mercury:  “Messenger of the Gods” and The Soul Retriever
  • Sun:  “Shining your Light and manifesting your Dreams”
  • Neptune:  “The Mystic who rules over our Dreams”, Cosmic Ocean, boundless and Infinite

You see, the Moon has friends this month. Mercury trines with Neptune that uplift this vulnerable Moon. The key is Alchemy of the Mind and Emotions that break spells. These spells show up in your life as old habits, negative behaviors and outdated beliefs. Alchemy is seeing the transformation in Death and the joy in pain that leads to understanding your Life. Look at your Natal Chart and see what House is ruled by Scorpio. Break spells in that House as well as your 8th House.

Mercury and Neptune invite us to have spiritual conversations and talk about compassion, empathy and do charitable random acts of kindness. Dream about the future you want. Take a short trip (half day to a weekend) to someplace that inspires how you want your life to be. For example, if you want your life to have more ease and luxury, go to Napa and wine taste at a beautiful vineyard for a half day (or someplace local that is beautiful).

Set your New Moon intentions around these activities and engage in them as this lunar cycle takes us through to November 29th.

  • Get a clear vision of your future because Neptune and Mercury are both psychic here.
  • Do a dream journal – there will be spiritual messages coming from your dreams this month.
  • Get a Tarot or Psychic reading this month – as Scorpio rules these areas.
  • Telepathic communication is also heightened especially with plants and animals.
  • Gather with friends and family members to reminisce about good times. Your women connections are especially nourishing during this cycle. 

Dreams are really important especially as the timing of the lunar cycle is when the Veil between the worlds is the thinnest. Your dreams can bring you ancient knowledge. The Moon and Her friends really want to help you make a fresh new start in a Spiritual direction.

Blessed Be!

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