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Soft & Sensual

Soft & Sensual Mercury Retrograde

Mercury enters into the 2nd Retrograde phase of the year in earthy, sensual Taurus. Now is the time to slow waaaaay down. Taurus energy is slow and steady, practical and dependable, and safe and secure. In order to authentically connect to Taurean vibrations, you must slow down and smell the roses. Your senses are the keys to unlocking the fertile energy here.

Mercury Retrograde usually gets a bad rap for messing everything up, from electronics, agreements, contracts and communications. But this Mercury Retrograde is very different! We have five planets in Retrograde motion:  Jupiter and Pluto in Earth elements in harmony with Mercury in Taurus plus Mars and Saturn in soulful Sagittarius. Neptune and Chiron make a harmonic sextile from the vibration of Pisces to assist Mercury in his sensual, slow, dreamy descent into the Underworld.


Taurus energy is about personal values, self-worth, security and financial income. Do you notice that “income” is IN-COME? How we truly feel about our own personal self-worth mirrors our financial worth. Take this time as Mercury is in Retrograde through May 22nd to dive deep into the depths of your emotions here.

Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus energy is “Connection, Beauty and Creativity”. This is a time to sensually enjoy the pleasures of your earthly senses. Stop and smell the roses. Inhale their sweet scents and allow the infusion of divine Love to penetrate each cell of your Being.

Review your Earth resources, respect them and give them fertilizer to grow. Your best fertilizer is your Love. Love what you have been given and grow deeper in your wisdom to make best use of your valuable resources. Find the gifts here that fulfill your purpose and discover what needs healing (especially around your sense of security). As you do this, you will attract what you want and need.

Ground, grow and manifest your unique Soul vibration, talents and gifts now!

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