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Sing with the Angels! Break Free of Dissonance with First Quarter Libra Moon

This is your week to break through the dissonance
and to liberate your relationship with your Starseed Self!

The First Quarter Moon occurs at the Starseed degree of 27 in the sign of Libra on July 19, 2018 at 12:52 PM PST/3:52 PM EST, while the newly freed Jupiter, going direct, builds momentum in Scorpio moving towards His crescendo in November 2018. Furthermore, the New Moon’s Earth Trine is still moving dense layers within the material world aiding your coming success.

Remember last month’s Plutonian-infused Full Moon in Capricorn? Pluto shows up again to reverberate a lesson for you as He sends lightning into Mercury at 21 degrees Leo to deliver a message to you. In this alignment, Pluto reveals how “A HIDDEN CHOIR IS SINGING DURING A RELIGIOUS SERVICE,” representing: The fulfillment of the individual’s creative function through her participation in a group performance which becomes consecrated to a transcendent realization of unity. Mercury responds at 21 degrees Leo with “A CARRIER PIGEON FULFILLING ITS MISSION,” symbolizing: Spirituality, in terms of training for service to humankind. The message for you is to develop your spiritual mind by training your lower mind to sing in harmony with the Angels.

Starseed energy from Libra is believed to be emanating from the Andromeda constellation. The Moon delivers Andromeda energy while the Sun manifests the “Super Earth” energy of the Cancerian constellation. The “Super Earth” energy generates from the brightest star in the Cancerian constellation called Beta Cancri. This constellation contains two stars with known planets, including 55 Cancri: one super-Earth and four gas giants, one of which is in the habitable zone with temperatures similar to our Earth.

The Moon Ignites the Black Knight 

The Moon arrives as the “Black Knight’s Moon” this week. This is a call to Justice. The Black Knight arrives to aid you in taking matters into your own hands.  As a beloved Daughter of the Moon, you have the power to cure what ails thee and, then, to right wrongs.  ~  Where do you see injustice in your world?

The Great Mother Cancer has proclaimed #KeepFamiliesTogether! When the Manmade-World’s Rule of Law becomes corrupt, it is up to those who have strong moral ethics to act for the welfare of others. Check in with your principles and allow them to steer your breakthroughs this week.  ~  What personal Code do you wish to live by?



As a review, 1st Quarter Moon energetics help you with breaking through old, stagnate patterns and the negative self-sabotage from your subconscious blockages. During this phase, the waxing (building) Moon forms a 90 degree angle, or Square, to the Sun. This angle creates a buildup of Universal Qi (vital life force), and the resulting ‘tension’ forces change in the form of energetic velocity! Time to get into action during the 1st Quarter Lunar Week and to push through your deeply entrenched subconscious blocks with the help of the Sun and Moon’s Qi power!



The Sun-Moon Square generates a new cycle of Energy Release which can shift you forward into a new cycle of Leadership. The Sun harmonizes with Lilith at 28 degrees Capricorn, while the Moon harmonizes with Eris at 24 degrees Aries; two very BadAss Goddesses!

Sabian Symbols:  This Week’s Story

Moon at 27 degrees Libra:

KEYNOTE: The realization, at any level of existence, that one is never alone, and that the Community — visible or invisible — is always sustaining and bolstering one’s efforts

Everyone alive is part of larger Whole. This is true for you whether or not you are consciously aware of the Whole’s sustaining power. You do have the choice to stay in the unconscious state of the disconnected self (Ego). However, this path is a one-way street leading to likely destruction and self-loss. Yet, as your consciousness expands, your Mind opens to your Spiritual Community, within and beyond the Known. In this expansion, you will discover the Pure Light emanating from the Superconsciousness of Creation. When you experience this State of Oneness, the ‘belonging’ to a greater Whole, you can then transcend the suffering which arises from the current state of the world. In turn, this transcendence becomes your INNER ASSURANCE.

Lilith at 28 degrees Capricorn:

KEYNOTE: The ability to recognize one’s attention attracted by the Signature of Hidden Meaning in every occurrence  

Lilith brings you the science of Signatures. The reading of tea leaves symbolizes the reading of energetic Signatures, the messages arriving from another realm of consciousness. Like Dream Interpretation, this ability is based on a realization of The Relation of Everything to Everything Else. You are being asked to learn how to make a close connection between the Unconscious and the Conscious. By using archetypes and developing your intuitive clairvoyance, you will be able to see the Signature of Hidden Realities inherent within everything and every moment.  ~  How do you explain omens, signs and things that feel unexplainable?

Sun at 27 degrees Cancer:

KEYNOTE: Inner Rebirth through a total acceptance of the primordial values
manifest in the human body and its natural functions

The Soul — or Anima — is a colorless intelligence in tune with inner peace. As we return to our natural human nature, an emotional and warm commitment will birth a new generation. The Cancer Sun at this Starseed degree desires for us to return to our original, elemental state of Love. ~  What is the possibility of dramatic transformation within our human society?

Eris at 24 degrees Aries:

KEYNOTE: The revelation of new potentialities

Eris, the Goddess of War, returns to the Feminine her power to arise into two states of being: Strong and Soft. Eris brings you a new step in evolution. Right now it is a possibility, but you can make it into a promise. Be open and willing to empower your translucent mind to reveal your spiritual fulfillment of Passion. Experience your life as Power on the Inner Plane. Unleash your Faithand then you can truly, fully experience that in which you deeply believe.


Let’s break through our blocks this week with the support from Libra Moon, Cancer Sun, Lilith, and Eris!
We have major Goddess power to fuel us this week!
Together, singing in harmony beyond the worldly dissonance, and with the loving support of our Inner circle:


Would you like help with this Divine Revolution?
Join the VIP Lunar Ladies Club this week to align with your Goddess Power and to fulfill your promise in taking this next step in our collective Evolution!

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