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Self-Love = Joy ~ New Moon Taurus 2024

Taurus New Moon at 18 degrees on May 7, 2024, at 8:22 PM PST/11:22 PM EST

The Taurus New Moon contains the power of the Fixed Earth element to root what your soul desires to have in the material world. The Sun and Moon amplify Venus’ nature over the next 28 days. Venus is the guardian of your values and what you love about yourself. This is the time to really move mountains in the area of your self-esteem and feeling deserving of having everything you need.

The weakness in the New Moon chart is found by the Asteroid Lucifer at 25 degrees Taurus. Lucifer is conjunct Jupiter which expands what we can heal within ourselves. This degree emits the lesson that your voice has power. The main teaching is, “As you speak, so you are.” Examine how you speak about yourself, especially if you speak negatively about yourself. Jupiter is here to help you change this way of being. Do not speak negatively about yourself because if you do, Jupiter will expand that. But this also helps you become more aware of this habit, especially if you do not realize how much you do it. Clear your old ways of speaking about yourself, so that you can have more happiness and joy in your life.

Venus, the Goddess of the Gaia’s Garden

Venus is the ruler of Taurus. At the time of the New Moon, Venus sits at home in her garden of delight. At 13 degrees Taurus, Venus emits the energy of children playing at the beach. Beachcombing and tide pooling are great ways to play and learn at the same time. The best way to learn about yourself is to find the ways that you enjoy playing in life. The ways that you play reveal a lot about your character and what you resonate with as a soul. Humans are meant to play in Mother Earth’s garden. Take time during this Taurus New Moon cycle to play. When you discover more about yourself, you improve your relationship with yourself. As you do this, you teach others how to do the same.

Taurus Lunar Cycle: Next 2 Weeks

  • New Moon at 18 degrees Taurus Week: 05/07-14/2024
  • New Moon Lunar Mansion – 4th: “The Stone”
  • New Moon Sabian Symbol: “A newly formed continent”
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Week in Leo “Liar’s Moon”: 05/15-22/2024
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Mansion – 12th: “The Fall”
  • Full Moon Lunar in Sagittarius: 05/23/2024

The Sabian Symbol Story: 18 degrees Taurus

A newly formed continent

Changing things takes power.

The Taurus New Moon brings you the energy to make much-needed changes in your life. When you grow new roots, you need new soil. Think about the energy required to turn the soil, amend it with nutrients, and till it to ensure room for growth. When continents appear, the Earth’s tectonic plates need a tremendous amount of energy to shift. The key now is to ask the Earth to help you with the changes you most need to make in your life.

The Earth is traveling through the Scorpio constellation at 18 degrees. This degree invites you to dive deep into your desires. Be able to separate what you desire to have based on popular opinion and what your soul requires and wants as an experience to grow from. This takes your full attention to listen to how your soul speaks to your surface mind. Get quiet and allow your deepest feelings to emerge. It may appear as passion and purpose. Just allow for whatever appears and listen deeply to the movements of your soul.

See you in 2 weeks for the Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 23rd!

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