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Seize your Power! Step into a Greater REALity with 1st Quarter Aries “Brigand’s Moon”!

1st Quarter Aries “Brigand’s Moon” at 12 degrees on January 2, 2020 at 8:45 PM PST/9:45 PM MST/10:45 PM CST/11:45 PM EST


The Aries ~ Mark of the Healer “12” ~ 1st Quarter Moon joins Mars and Uranus to initiate a waxing square to the Capricorn Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury. This cardinal waxing square invites you to be on your GAME! I love that the Aries Moon kicks us into high gear at the beginning of 2020. No time to waste and just get to it are the messages coming through the “Cosmic radio.” Speaking of “Cosmic radio”, stay tuned for more details on the premier of the Lunar Ladies “After Dark” podcast! You can get that and more when you sign up on our Email list.

The Lunar Nodal Wave of Destiny is about change and help you to release any fear around change. The Nodal Wave generates a gamma ray, unraveling the old and evolving the new. You can tap into this energy and begin the process of unraveling by realizing the richness of your life now. Help others become more aware of the need to completely enjoy every moment. This powerful energy alignment attunes you and others to the magnificent abundance around them and how to tap it. The evolutionary effect of this is finding what is truly wonderful in unexpected places. You are being called to help and to be of service in the world. Start communicating the message that the truth of change is that there is nothing to fear. That change is in fact beautiful. Change comes from the higher design of Universal intelligence who’s essence offers you multi-dimensional energies to nurture your Soul.

Step into the higher reality that you bear the “mark of the Healer” and merge with the Call to be of service to others. Start your daily journey of tapping into the Universal Mind of greater intelligence by merging with all that is rich in your life. Keep going to understand more of what this week’s energetics are bringing into your life to make everything BETTER!



1st Quarter Waxing Moon Dynamics:

Challenges ~ Decisions ~ Action

First Quarter Moon energetics are about busting through challenges, making clear and powerful decisions, and taking ACTION! Adversity becomes your friend to break through obstacles, barriers, and blocks. The waxing Aries Moon (with a twist of Leo FIRE energy) forms a square, or 90 degree angle, to the Capricorn 2nd decan Sun (adding a twist of Taurus EARTH energy). This waxing square builds CARDINAL universal Qi to increase your power. The First Quarter Moon’s lunar Cardinal energy gives you the power to initiate new cycles of change through Soul strength in conjunction with Universal Qi energy through your week. This force field is powerful to purge and burn through pain. You are invited to breakthrough old subconscious patterns that are destructive rather than creative in nature with this type of energetic focus. In the Lunar Ladies Club, we align with this, using the following power mantra: “I free FIRE to PURGE old patterns and breakthrough my obstacles this week!”

Brigand’s Moon:  1st Quarter Aries Moon

The Brigand’s 1st Quarter Moon is taking the Bull by the horns and getting you into ACTION! Your Brigand Self is being called to set up your new habits. These habits find your golden booty treasures in 2020! But first you have to do your personal work. Tune into those parts of yourself that feel less enchanted, more grumpy, and sarcastically annoyed. That “aargghh” emotional energy! Ask, yourself, “Where have I been pummeled by the rough seas of my childhood? What do I feel cynical and enraged about these days?”  Whatever that is, that is where your power is. Go there and put yourself into action this week. This Aries energy is powerful and physical, so get yourself to the gym. Aries rules the head so be on the look for junk thinking that gets stuck between the ears as Aries rules the head. “You get more stinking from thinking that you do from drinking!”, is an old pirate saying.


1ST Lunar Mansion:  “Two Signals”

Aries Full MoonThe Aries “Brigand’s Moon” aligns with the 1st Lunar Mansion this week. This powerful cosmic mansion is guarded by the power of Mars and Saturn. Aries is the time of new beginnings and this lunar mansion carries two signals, or better yet, Two Swords ~ because Mars is the Warrior of Aries. Together they work as the energies of “destruction and creation”. Let Mars heal your inner Warrior to be able to stand in the midst of chaos. Redirect your fiery passion to let it burn through old stagnation. Breathe through conflict and frustration (instead of warring and battling). This week, don’t let impatience get the best of you. Use this extra power to exercise and free frustration to move the energy to work for you. Align your powerful FIRE energy in this direction. The Capricorn Sun will use this to build a stronger foundation for your legacy that is taking shape in 2020.


Moon vs. Sun

: — : MOON : — :

The 1st Quarter Aries Moon at 12 degrees moves through your blocks with this image:
“A breeze carries a soap bubble thousands of miles.”

The 1st Quarter Aries Moon breaks through to declare a “Mutiny on the bounty!” This week you are propelled into the purity of your sensitive and beautiful visions. These visions, or the iridescent soap bubbles, are what protect you against the Dark Arts. Where others fail, you will succeed because of your high frequency innocence. Your lightness of being is your best defense against challenges, emergencies, and crises. Be super resilient and keep moving forward, like a pirate on the high seas. You will astound yourself! Utilize the power of the sun and air to renew and purify your dreams – Imagine them like a blank canvas that is capturing swirling rainbows on the surface of a soap bubble.

Mars, ruler of Aries, is at the critical degree of 29 in his ancient ruling sign of Scorpio. This is a big and powerful moment for the Divine Masculine. Can you return to your primordial energy and remember who you really are? It is time to awaken and take your divine Soul power back! Uranus RX is sending a lightning bolt YOD into the heart of Mars karmic Soul body to awaken the ancient art of love and play.

Check your Aries-ruled House. Where is this happening in your Natal chart?


: — : SUN : — :

The 2nd decan Capricorn Sun at 12 degrees appears as
“Singing and dancing in a desert oasis.”

The Capricorn Sun sparks your legacy energy by inviting you to get ECSTATIC about your contributions to the Greater Good. You are being asked to create (singing and dancing) your own small world (oasis) out of seemingly nothing (the desert). Stop at nothing to find ways to enjoy your life. Make do with what you have. Prove to yourself how resourceful you are. Welcome those limits and desolation so you can conquer them! Take the 1st Quarter increased energy to work hard and get things done. Make sure that what inspires you is kind, creative, and gentle. This will save you from burning out. You are on a mission to be your own energy resource. Get excited! Projects will thrive and flourish through you this week.

Jupiter and Mercury merge to conjunct the Sun. At 7 degrees Capricorn, their divine message reveals that in times of hardship, the best thing you can do is to keep going. Continuing to compromise through confining or frustrating situations can leave you feeling pessimistic. But you are being tasked to do whatever it takes to maintain a forward flow of energy in your life. Be gentle and flexible as you interact with the world’s densities and its power to constrict.


Wrap Up:

Lunar Ladies ClubThe Capricorn New “Forgotten One’s Moon” moves into action as the Aries 1st Quarter “Brigand’s Moon” takes over. There are high seas and Dark Arts magicians to be dealt with this week. The best way to disempower limiting forces, is to get in tune with the nature of its origins. This is not about having power over to dominate and control, it is about melding to its consciousness and following its movement. Follow the dances of others and track them in such a way that the discord they produce is released. Once you are able to recognize their frequency, you can exchange that energy with something of a higher nature. The “Brigand’s Moon” and Mars at the karmic degree are not afraid of anything and can uncover the deepest of understandings of ancient root causes and effects. Remember our modern day world isn’t so modern after all. Many of the limitations and disturbances have been around a very long time, thousands of years.

Cool your jets with a cold eye mask and take a break from the things, situations, people and places that rob your peace of mind. Look to those who serve as mentors and leaders. Allow these mentors’ qualities to inspire you and lead you into calmer seas. Take full advantage by applying to join the  Lunar Ladies VIP Club this week. Get your tools, take quick action on the energy available, and make sense of your Astrology chart. Knowing your chart reconnects you to the memories of when you signed up to live your best life on Planet Earth 2020. Believe me, it was a great plan you created. Now it is time to enact it! Right here and right now!

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