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Seeker’s Moon Calls You Onto Your Spiritual Path ~ First Quarter Moon Week Begins!

This First Quarter Lunar Week gets you into action to bust through old, imbalanced blocks so you can begin to grow your New Moon in Virgo Intentions.  The 1st-Quarter Sagittarius Seeker’s Moon initiates this energized activity on September 16, 2018, at 4:14 PM PST/7:14 PM EST.

Sagittarius’ expansive nature is also blessed by Jupiter during this Lunar Phase.  Hanging out in the Scorpio Underworld, Jupiter escorts Venus, your Feminine energy, into your deeper truths.  Your recognition of the Big Picture and Cosmic Truth become your power allies this week.  As you shift, change, and move through obstacles, Jupiter pulls back a dark veil to reveal for you what lies beyond Duality.




You now enter into a new Lunar Phase which holds a lot of POWER!  First Quarter Moons are designed to ignite your emotional energy to clear your path towards success.  The waxing, or building, energy of the Moon comes from a 90-degree angle to the Sun.  This generates extra Universal Qi  to break free from past limitations and the struggles of your ego.  Get ready to expand into the joy of your higher intelligence in alignment with your Truth!

The 1st-Quarter Sagittarius Moon is called the “Seeker’s Moon”.  This Moon is your devotion to walking your Spiritual Path.  Break through resistance with simple, practical routines, and also give thanks and praises to Mother Earth as you do so.  At 24 degrees, Sagittarius (Moon) and Virgo (Sun) form a 90-degree angle in mutable signs.  The energy of a mutable nature tells you to follow what pulls you.

What calls your name?
What taps you on the shoulder?
Where is your truth?

Asking these questions and understanding your answers are how you engage your power this week.



The Seeker’s Moon is in the 3rd Decan and carries The Heart Chakra/Lover Medicine of Leo, the Lion.  The Sun shows up carrying the Mother Earth Medicine of Taurus.  This exquisite energy is the magical luminescence of sunrise along the eastern horizon. Come into union, powerfully, with your ability to begin again, beyond the limitations of time and space.  Engage your higher SPIRIT Mind!


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Keys to Accessing your POWER

The Sabian Symbols are channeled images which work as keys for opening pathways into your deep Inner-Knowing.  These images are given to you by the Sun and Moon to meditate upon.  No need to use your left brain to figure them out.  Spend time imagining these images and wait to see what rises up from your Inner-Goddess Lunar Subconscious.



KEYNOTE: The anticipatory enjoyment of powers that one can only, as yet, dream of utilizing. 

The Sabian Symbol for the Seeker’s Moon represents the power and joy of Shakti Energy in motion. The “chubby child” reflects the happiness of being a free-spirit lost in the revelry of the present moment.  Make-believe and an active imagination open an initiation into Play; a mood of playfulness which is filled with cultural expectation.

This is like a training situation and will lead to a greater, more refined ability in the future.  Break through and move yourself towards the more mature experience of Womanhood.

**Vesta, the High Priestess of Truth, joins her sister, the Moon, to bless your adventure this week.  Along your path, She honors your courage with a gift of Karmic Destiny!** 



KEYNOTE: The social acknowledgment of a job well done and a destiny fulfilled. 

The Virgo Sun’s imagery portrays the end of your service to your community and mankind as a whole.  In death, society’s cultural heroes take their place in history and become enshrined in the Collective’s memories.  Your power goal this week is to carry your tasks to completion.

Double-check that your tasks also serve the Collective common good.  What is your service to mankind?

Remember that personal failures will be forgotten and triumphant achievements will remain forever etched in memories.

**Mercury joins the Sun to empower you with the energy of group participation.  You will gain more energy to clear your blocks through the power and inspiration given by your Soul Tribe groups.  This is not the time to go solo in your endeavors.  Now is the time to join others with similar goals, to be on the same team and go for GOLD!**



“2” becomes “4”

There is a “4” degree Fixed Grand Square to play with this week!  The energy of a Fixed Grand Square is huge for transformation!  You are so lucky!!

Last week’s New Moon had a “2” degree Earth-Trine blessing coming from Venus as She journeyed into the Underworld through the Chalice Well.  Now the “2” becomes “4” as Venus, Lilith, Uranus, and the North Node all line up.  This is Soul-Expansion Magic through the awakening of the Primordial Goddess within you.

Your secret to accessing this Phoenix Feminine power is to combine Venus with Uranus, as well as Lilith with the North Node.  Venus brings you the gift of the stability from confidently trusting what you feel.  Uranus blesses you with the Cosmic power of your Higher Self when you open your Crown Chakra.  Lilith brings you the knowledge of her ancient Sister-Tribe of Elders, and the Leo North Node expands your Soul’s Love with the enduring power of elemental forces to initiate Evolution.

**I love that this 1st Quarter “Seeker’s Moon” happens at 4:14, too!**



You got here and read this far!
Yay!  I’m so proud.

So you know how this week is about breaking through barriers and blocks like a badass, right?  Do you want to know how you can do that for yourself with more ease, joy, and fun?  Yes,.. personal growth can be FUN!

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Now, during this Seeker’s Moon Lunar Phase, the time has arrived, and the energies have aligned, to find out how you, yourself, your deeper truths and unique Soul Purpose, are what you have been always seeking, while, all along, you have been sought out in return!

Leave the sidelines behind, Soul Sister,
we’re waiting for you on the court of breakthrough fun!

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