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Seek Divine Union ~ 3rd Quarter Sagittarius Moon

3rd Quarter Sagittarius “Hunter’s Moon” at 15 degrees on March 5, 2021, at 5:30 PM PST/6:30 PM MST/7:30 PM CST/8:30 PM EST

The 3rd Quarter Sagittarius Moon closes out this high-energy Aquarius lunation that started on February 11th with the celebration of the Lunar New Year of the Metal Ox. The Aquarius lunar cycle has been recalibrating your principles to match a higher vibration for the future. What needs to change within you to align with a more powerful future? This week sets you up for major healing of illusions in your life. These illusions will show up throughout the next Pisces lunation. Join the Inner Circle to set you on the course for understanding your true Self and creating your best life!

The 3rd Quarter is known as the “Hunter’s Moon” and it aligns exactly with the South Node of Fate at 15 degrees. The Moon is merging with the Nodal wave of fate and destiny to unwind the past and change directions for the future.

The 3rd Quarter Sagittarius Moon marries Juno, Goddess of Partnership with the Divine to merge with Neptune in a perfect mutable square with the Pisces Sun. The mutable square degree is 20 and 20 – hmm feels like a message from 2020 to me!

Juno teaches this: “All is illusion and meaning is subjective, so we must examine everything without prejudice.” Neptune offers this: “We weave the threads of life to form identity and vision.”

If you are to achieve the true spiritual lesson as we end the astrological year of 2020, sit at the feet of the High Priestess Vesta as she retrogrades through Virgo. Contemplate this as you release, let go, and complete this Aquarius lunar cycle.

  • Grace commands worldly sophistication and demonstrates our spiritual progression.
  • Freedom and power can so often hinge on harnessing primal forces skilfully.
  • We reach ultimate self-representation only with the help of others.

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3rd Quarter Waning Moon Dynamics: Release ~ Let Go ~ Surrender

“I feel FIRE and WATER to RELEASE and FORGIVE the past this week!”

Third Quarter Moon dynamics embrace the powers of Letting Go, Releasing, and Forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on external wounds by drawing you inward to understand who may have hurt, offended, diminished, or neglected you. Ask yourself where you may have done this to another. It’s a two-way mirror that, when you take an honest look at yourself, gives you your power back. This week helps you to empty your ego and allows the Universe to assist you in feeling more supported. Reflect upon your experiences over the last three weeks:

The more you can let go, the more space there is to create in the New Moon in Pisces next week! You are invited to breakthrough old subconscious patterns in the Inner Circle. Join us! 

“Hunter’s Moon”

The “Hunter’s Moon” is the Sagittarius moon in its 3rd Quarter phase. The “Hunter’s Moon” calls you to the wild to seek spiritual adventure and release illusions. This week rediscover your true instinctive nature. The Hunter comes to teach you that everything happens in your life for a reason. When walking your spiritual path this week, don’t let the narrow-minded opinions of others test you. Be mindful of the urge to change the minds of others to match your version of reality. Ease any tension by connecting to the threads of truth that bring you together with others instead of apart. Be objectively neutral to opposing viewpoints. Instead, appreciate what you can learn. Utilize Sagittarius’ inherent gifts to be lighthearted and don’t take things too seriously!

20th Lunar Mansion: “The Precipice”

The Hunter’s Moon passes through the 20th Lunar Mansion this week. The 20th Lunar mansion blesses you with the power of Fire to connect you to your Spirit’s mission on the Earth. The 20th Lunar Mansion brings you to your “edge” and with what keeps you from breaking free of fear. It helps you decide to take a leap of faith and fly! Connect with your primal, instinctive nature ~ your Anima/Animus. Learn its language and fine-tune your ability to understand its energy inside of you. Trust it and believe in it. Honor your animal Spirit nature. Be stealth, like the leopard. Brave like Bear. Determined like Salmon. Feel their power to embody that same knowingness inside of you.

Human Design Gateway #26: “The Trickster”

The Hunter’s Moon passes through the gateway of “The Trickster”. This gateway closes the deal and is especially timely for the ending of this Aquarius lunation. The energy of this gateway is about influencing a group of people to “buy into” a dream. The trick is to make sure the dream is one that benefits everyone. It is the power of the group that actually brings the dream into form. Watch out for tricksters who want group energy to manifest their own personal dream. If they take more than they deliver, you may be witnessing a Trickster in the midst. The ultimate gift of this gateway is to learn integrity. The more you redefine your principles, the more they will connect you with people of higher integrity.

Sagittarius Moon vs. Pisces Sun

: — : 3RD QUARTER MOON : — :

The 15 degrees Sagittarius Moon surrenders to ADVENTURE
“Seagulls watching a ship.”

Spirit is ever alert to fulfill its desire nature.

The Sagittarius 3rd Quarter Moon brings the energy of taking care of your needs so that your instinct for survival is fulfilled. Once you feel grounded and at ease, Spirit is the force that truly feeds your desires. When you are too busy focused on survival – alone and separated from Source – you cannot really stand in your power. The 3rd Quarter Sagittarius Moon says to let go of doing your life alone, devoid of Spirit. Instead, move your awareness into your spiritual connection with all of life. Practice knowing that your heart’s desires are born from a spiritual place deep within. Allow your spiritual heart to take the wheel and gently let your mind take the backseat. Tuning into this energy this week will set you up for the right frequency to align with the Pisces New Moon on March 13, 2021. Release and let go!

: — : PISCES SUN : — :

The 15 degrees Pisces Sun dissolves through SPIRITUALITY
“A flow of inspiration.”

Spirituality must meet real problems as well as imagined ones.

The Pisces Sun shines a light on your connection to the Divine. As humanity attempts to come into union form with greater, unseen forces, this is what births spirituality! The Pisces Sun reminds you that when life gets tough, this is the most powerful time to receive a gift from God. Look back at difficult times in your life, and see how things turned out better than you could have imagined. Did you sense an unseen presence? Were the footprints in the sand from the one who carried you through? Let yourself truly believe that you have angels watching over you. This experience reconnects you to your true divine identity. Know that you can withstand anything life has to give you because you are one with your inner source of divine energy. You are made from ingenuity, poise, and imagination!

See you next week for the New Moon in Pisces, the last lunation of 2020’s Astrological year!

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