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Seek Clarity. Cutaway the Masks. ~ Libra Full Moon

Full Moon in Libra “Artist’s Moon” at 26 degrees on April 16, 2022, at 11:55 AM PDT/2:55 PM EDT

The Artist’s Moon arrives at the Starseed marking of 26 degrees Libra and brings the power of galactic awareness to all your relationships. The Full Moon embodies the Queen of Swords to free you from old ways of being inauthentic. The Full Moon degree is in the 3rd decan of Libra which activates the energy of Gemini. Look to your siblings and neighbors first when clearing inauthentic energy with this power. How can you add more beauty to these relationships? An idea for your neighbors is to make your home’s landscaping beautiful by planting flowers and keeping your house neat and tidy. Your neighbors will love you for that!

The Aries Sun activates your innate ability to reimagine your life. Don’t be afraid to really ask for what you want in life. You are being given cosmic energy to fulfill your dreams. Take this exalted sunshine and empower your whole state of being. Focusing on your creative imagination and visualization is key.

Venus, the Galactic Queen of Swords

Venus is the ruler of Libra and she appears to give you wise counsel. At 12 degrees Pisces, she appears as the Galactic Queen of Swords to help remove the masks of illusions and cut through the B$! Venus carries the power of the masterful objective rational mind. She is here to activate your observing mind to reconnect you with child-like truth. Connect with Venus to embody this quality of your own mind that can consider options fairly and demand authenticity with kindness. She directs you to abandon pretense and seek clarity to help you get to the bottom of things in your life (and in the world at large).

Jupiter & Neptune Emanate Blessings!

The conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune sends lightning bolts of blessings into the Full Moon to help you clear old debris and activate your core Self. The art of living well is a masterful skill that you can develop first with the relationship with yourself and then with all other sentient beings.

The North Node extends future blessings to fertilize your ability to grow abundance. Take time now to recognize what is special about you and your unique soul gifts. Connect with your Higher Self to raise your “Havingness”. This agreement empowers your opportunities for abundance. Ground this high spiritual energy by letting go of any jealous feelings you may have over other people’s successes. There is more than enough success energy to be had by all!

Pluto T-squares the Moon & Sun!

Pluto sits at the apex of a T-square between the Moon and Sun. Pluto activates your ability to see the unseen energies from the past and the future. Find a modality that you can master that helps you see the truth from your Soul’s perspective. Pluto governs the Occult. What modalities do you resonate with? Play with reading the Tarot, Astrology charts, Oracle cards, Runes, Pendulums, Clairvoyance, and Aura readings, to name but a few. When you tap into your innate soul wisdom, you will empower your life exponentially now. Check out my “Decoding the secrets of Natal Chart Astrology” course. In 5 weeks, you can learn how to read Astrology charts!

Saturn squares the Lunar Nodes, too. Saturn is the planet exalted in the sign of Libra so his energy connects to the Full Moon, first. At 23 degrees, Saturn brings the power of serenity into your life. This happens when the knowledge you have gleaned in your Soul’s time on the Earth is matched with how you experience your life. Put both of these energies together and you get the power of peace. When you can emit the power of peace from your personal vibration, the Earth’s frequency goes up. Do this more often than not!

“I feel AIR and FIRE to RELEASE the healing power of Beauty!
  • Full Moon Phase: The Full Moon Phase brings your New Moon intentions into fruition. They become signed, sealed, and stamped. On October 6, 2021, was the Libra New Moon at 13 degrees ~ activating deep rest. What has shifted in your life since then?
  • The Libra Full Moon is the “Artist’s Moon“.
  • The Libra Full Moon passes through the 17th Lunar Mansion ~ “The Sword”
  • The Libra Full Moon passes through the 50th Human Design Gateway ~ “Values”
  • Hint:  look to your Libra and Aries-ruled Houses in your Natal Chart, your Mars and Natal Venus, and 7th & 1st Houses for your answers.
  • To personalized support: 1:1 Soul Refresh Session.
  • Recommendations: Soul Purpose Starseed Series, Tuning Forks Workshop, and 1:1 Soul Refresh Session.


“An Airplane flying high in the bright blue sky.”

“Overview sponsors good judgment by seeing things in terms of their likely consequences.”

The Libra Full Moon bears something very precious for your Inner Light. You are being empowered to rise above difficulties and strife in your life. With the help of Venus as the Queen of Swords, you are being given activations of clarity at your core. Imagine situations in your life that weigh you down suddenly disappearing into the clouds. As you observe this happening in your mind, how do you feel? Do you feel lighter and freer? As you give yourself a time-out to feel the lightness of your being free from problems, you will be given more clarity. As you free the burdens, replace the space with practical solutions to really deal with life. Let your Higher Self in communion with the Cosmos show you your next steps to living life on your terms.

The Aries Sun shines a light on the power of your imagination. Ask yourself, “Are there any opportunities that I missed out on?” If so, all you have to do is re-imagine yourself taking advantage of these opportunities and enjoying the benefits. As you use your Third Eye to imagine, empower what you see with your heart by feeling it, too. Nothing is lost in the “no time” reality of the 5th-dimensional consciousness!

Tune into your Inner Light NOW!

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