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Seek and Ye Shall Find – 1st Quarter Sagittarius Lunar Week

1st Quarter Sagittarius “Seeker’s Moon” at 21 degrees on September 13, 2021, at 1:39 PM PDT/4:39 PM EDT. Lunar week: 09/13-19/2021

1st Quarter Sagittarius Moon amplifies the New Moon energy to assist you to take action and make change. The New Moon’s symbology centered around creating a healing talisman. The Sagittarius Moon takes action with your healing talisman to seek and find the power of Truth within.

The 1st Quarter Sagittarius Moon is known as the “Seeker’s Moon”. What do you most need to seek after in your life. The Moon squares and the Sun opposes Neptune making the illusions of Maya are thick. You must develop your own way to see through the fog. When driving through thick fog, you go slow and focus on the road right in front of you. The energy of the Trickster is alive and well this week. Make sure you banish being told what to do by the controlling elite class. Instead follow your own inner Truth because we are all divine royalty!

The Virgo Sun moves towards its Starseed expression pulling in the fast-paced upcoming Full Moon in Pisces on 09/20/2021. This is a great week to take action on allowing your inner Marie Kondo to take over. Get rid of stuff that clogs your energy fields! Sagittarius’ Moon power exists in the question, “Does this bring me joy? What is the meaning of this in my life?”

The Virgo Sun is expressing the Sabian Symbol of “A Royal Coat of Arms”. The Moon is expressing “A Chinese laundry”. This dynamic pits the working class against the elite class. In the Aquarian Age there desires to be more equality or even a flip to bringing the power back to the people. Tune into your ancestral energy this week and find the royal energy there to propel you into a renewed identification with your power. Watch out for judging anyone from a programmed status of perceived value. Let go of superficially looking at anyone, whether they are perceived less than or more of.

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1st Quarter Lunar Week Frequency: ENERGETIC BREAKDOWN

1st Quarter Waxing Moon Dynamics: Challenges ~ Decisions ~ Action
“I feel FIRE and EARTH to CHANGE my old patterns and breakthrough my obstacles this week!”
  • 1st Quarter Lunar Phase: First Quarter Moon energetics are about busting through challenges, making clear and powerful decisions, and taking ACTION! The waxing Sagittarius Moon square builds MUTABLE universal Qi to refine, mutate, and elevate the Sun’s power. 
  • The Seeker’s Moon
  • 21st Lunar Mansion “The Duel”
  • #26 Human Design Gateway “The Trickster”
  • Hint:  look to your Sagittarius and Virgo-ruled Houses for your answers. Get your Natal Oracle to see where is happening for you. 
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: — : 1ST QUARTER PHASE : — :

The 21 degree Sagittarius Moon moves you through resistance: EXPERIENCE

“A Chinese Laundry

Life’s true rewards come through poise, inner awareness and self-possession.

The Libra 1st Quarter Sagittarius Moon, together with the Virgo Sun, is pointing to the way that we can work together. The symbol of the Chinese laundry shines light on how we can find familiar energy through our families, culture, and those we share similar experiences with like our peers. The Shadow side points to those ways we are treated as less then if we have what others judge as menial labor or lower-class jobs. Who is stuck doing the dirty work or cleaning up other people’s messes. Take time this week to give thanks and praises for those who perform very valuable services in your life and your community. Let go of judging other people or what they do for a living. Make sure that you are not being tricked into believing in any forms of superiority complexes. Hint: This is happening most powerfully in your Sagittarius-ruled House in your Natal Chart.

Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, directs your attention towards the need for more balance in your life to change your future opportunities. During the Piscean Age, there has been an overemphasis on developing Masculine energy. In order for Jupiter to expand the joy energy on the planet, it is time to develop your Feminine energy to bring both sides of you into balance. Look to where you rely too much on logic and the expense of intuition. Jupiter warns you to not judge beauty by outer appearances, too. The Moon also repeats this wisdom teaching by judging people by their economic status. Let all that limited thinking go!

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