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Search for Spiritual Truth: Jupiter Retrograde Purification

Jupiter goes on a very powerful Sojourn over the next four months, retrograding 10 degrees in its Scorpio Underworld domain from March 8th through July 10th, 2018.

Jupiter is the ruler of your search for Spiritual Truth and meaning. Jupiter rules the sign Sagittarius and desires to take you on a long, infinite journey of expanding unconditional Love and light in the Universe. Ask yourself, “What is your bigger picture of your life? What is the deeper meaning of existence to you?” This is where you want to begin your journey.

Jupiter spends a year in a sign as it travels around the Zodiac constellations. Since October 2017, Jupiter has descended into the Scorpio Underworld, expanding your truth, depths and ability to surrender to Trust. This four month journey is a time to detoxify, purify and let go of what no longer serves the highest Truth of your body and your Soul. You are invited to review your morals, values and desires. Take a deeper dive into these areas of your Soul. Seek for truth by excavating your emotional depths. This is a time of trust, surrender and faith. Watch for these themes to be playing out in the greater whole or big picture of our collective human journey. Let’s take a look at the Codes messages of the Sabian Symbol Signs.

Sabian Symbol Story:  Jupiter 23-13 degrees

START:  The Sabian Symbol for 23 degrees Scorpio that initiates this powerful journey is, “AFTER HAVING HEARD AN INSPIRED INDIVIDUAL DELIVER HIS “SERMON ON THE MOUNT,” CROWDS ARE RETURNING HOME.” KEYNOTE:  The need to incorporate inspiring experiences and teachings into everyday living. KEYWORD:  CHALLENGE TO TRANSFORMATION

This Sabian Symbol shows you the power of having a message that people listen to.  You may feel you have downloaded amazing realizations after hearing inspired Truth. Jupiter Retrograde wants you to bring these realizations into your everyday life. As you live it, you become the messages that so inspire you. Not everyone you meet will be able to connect with your frequency. That is okay, you offer it into the world with passion from your heart. If your message resonates with someone, it means they are ready to receive it. Take time to imagine how far will your inspired living with spread into the world. See yourself inspiring others’ feelings and thoughts, having an audience, giving presentations. This energy opens the Universal pathways for movements and arousing the spiritual joy to get many people into action.

END:  The four month journey completes at 13 degrees Scorpio on July 10, 2018. The Sabian Symbol is “TELEPHONE LINEMEN AT WORK INSTALLING NEW CONNECTIONS.” KEYNOTE: The need to establish new channels of communication. KEYWORD: THE WILL TO COMPREHEND.

This Symbol implies the ability to connect in with people or situations. This can happen both physically and psychically. Networking becomes the name of the game. How can you improve communications and getting information out to others? Help yourself and others to fully express their thoughts, ideas or emotions. If something is in need of repair, fix it by asking for help and assistance. Working together will create surprising new connections. Utilize the internet and social media to help spread messages and get people talking. Open up dialogue about how to improve communications by grounding the energy of universal truths, bigger picture and acknowledging the value of emotional depths.

Advanced Sojourners of Truth:

For advanced Sojourners, the Jupiter’s purification truly ends when Jupiter goes in the 24th degree of Scorpio on October 11, 2018. Guess what happened exactly one year ago on October 11, 2017? Jupiter entered Scorpio!. This wildly significant because it is defining your whole journey through this sign up until now. Truly receive of this Golden opportunity to transform.

Healthy Helpers:  Liver and Colon

In the physical body, Jupiter rules the Liver. At 23 degrees Scorpio, Jupiter aligns with a Fixed Star known as Unukalhai. This Fixed Star rules the Colon (upper part). To align more powerfully in your Vortex, partake in a detoxification and purification over the next four months. Make a conscious effort to detoxify your Liver and Colon. Do a liver cleanse and a colon cleanse. I recommend supporting your purification and detox with Superfoods.

The emotions of the Liver out of balance are rage, anger and resentment. The emotions of the Colon out of balance are chronic worry, anxiety and the inability to let things go. You want a Happy Liver and a Relaxed Colon for delicious health.

If you are interested in more support, contact Shannon at Lunar Ladies for special bonuses and information on detoxifying with Acupressure, Tuning Forks, Aromatherapy and Superfoods! Lunar Ladies has special VIP Superfood product gift cards, too. All of these offerings are designed to support your powerful Transformation through Scorpio! Contact Shannon at:

The world needs more Shamans to take the human race into the 5th Dimension and beyond! Being healthy and strong in your physical, mental and emotional bodies will align you with the higher frequency of your Spirit Soul! Let’s do this!

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