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Saturn RX Unwinds the Past 500+ Years of Conditioning

Saturn goes Retrograde at 20 degrees to 13 degrees Capricorn April 29 – September 18, 2019


Saturn Retrograde Journey happens from April 29th to September 18, 2019. This voyage takes you from 20 degrees Capricorn to the most powerful degree of a Cardinal sign – 13. Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign and is the leader of Universal Earth chi that builds and manifests in the physical world to leave legacies behind. Saturn will assist you in what you are building and what is your true legacy to leave upon this world in this lifetime. You may even remember past life legacies, too!

Saturn is unwinding the past as He retrogrades through September 18th, 2019. Due to the conjunction of Pluto and the South Node, along with other planetary players, this energetic is unwinding the Matrix of patriarchal suppression via longstanding institutions from the Dark Ages. The last time Pluto and Saturn were in Capricorn conjunct was the year 1518. So let me take you back in time to unwind your Soul memories of the past …

The Saturn Retrograde 2019 Chart:  Parallel Reality

In the Saturn Retrograde 2019 chart, there is a conjunction between Saturn, the South Node (exact) and Pluto Retrograde. This conjunction intensifies Saturn’s experience. Due to the nature of Pluto and the South Node being involved, this retrograde opens up a global moment in time for collective healing. Institutions that have been in operation since 1518, or Dark to Middle Ages, are undergoing extreme dissolution and transformation. This highlights the Church’s role in politics, mass control and masculine manipulation of truth, knowledge and human rights. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio which draws up from the deep, dark depths of the Underworld of sexuality and imprisonment.

Saturn is exact the South Node at 20 degrees Capricorn unwinding the past 500+ years. At this degree, Saturn says if you keep moving forward, guiding forces will reach out to help you. Watch out for other forces which will attempt to slow you down. These forces of adversity give you the chance to confront your shadow self. When you connect with your Shadow self, you have the opportunity to understand yourself completely. Saturn and the South Node energies are utterly intent on helping you reach your destiny.

Now keep in mind that Saturn completes the trio of powerful planets in Retrograde:  Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn.  Pluto pulls in Eris, the Goddess of Discord, at 23 degrees Aries creating an exact square. She builds a fire trine to Jupiter Rx at 23, too. Alchemy anyone? Isis trines in fiery Leo at 17 degrees, too.

Sextile to Neptune & Pisces Moon:  Wormhole

This conjunction forms a sextile to Neptune at 18 degrees Pisces who pulls in the Pisces Moon at 13. The Moon is synergistic relationship to future Saturn on September 18th – feel the wormhole timeline opening up?!! The waning Pisces Moon sets a spacetime anchor to come into sextile with Saturn as he goes direct on September 18th at 13 degrees Capricorn. This is highly charged to understand how you can place a spacetime anchor for aligning with Synergy for yourself.

Neptune, the Mystic of the Cosmos, is radiating emotional healing for you to clear dark shadow suffering from your Astral/Aura body. You can double the effects of this healing by helping others to clear traumas and heavy frequencies. Your Unconscious Self is doing the work with the subtle  energy of Neptune. You inner self is bringing renewal and reconnection with the light of your Spirit. Neptune is the seed vibration for the ending of this Aries lunar cycle to cultivate the ways of your spiritual self.

Moon shares with you there is no end to knowledge. The nature of the Universe is holographic –  the smallest parts embody the whole. Continue taking in the wisdom that each of your experiences offers. Be aware of your own appetites where you want everything, but nothing seems to satisfy. The Moon is revealing that your craving is a craving to become one with the world. The key is how much life can you take in deeply. Surrender to completely merging and feel that wonderful sense of fulfillment.

Lightning Strikes!  Mars to Saturn Conjunction

A YOD alignment, or bolt of lightning, happens between Mars at 19 degrees in Gemini to the Saturn/South Node/Pluto conjunction. Mars exclaims that whatever you think is dependable, you may see that you cannot really count on it. Things are not what they seem now as everything is in review. Forego trying to hold onto stability or sameness. This is a time of transformations and this is the key to the power of your personal growth now. Allow your mind to be hyper vigilant on staying focused on what Spirit is trying to help you with.

T-Square “Time-Out”

There is a T-square, or “Time-out” between Saturn and the Lunar Nodes to Mercury, ruler of Gemini, in Aries (which Mars rules). Mercury becomes the focus point, or trigger switch, for your Saturn Retrograde experience. Mercury reminds you to rejoice that change and renewal are coming into your life. Make the best of any situation, by always having a fresh mind. Take old ideas and doll them up. Be practical and look for the beauty in all things to dissuade the sadness of the world. Mercury’s symbol points to the “Portrait of Dorian Gray” novel for clues. 

Aries and Gemini Connection:  Mercury & Mars

Mars and Mercury are having a powerful connection now as they have switched ruling signs. They share the same Seed degree and Fulfillment degree of Scorpio 7:  “A poem has disappeared from a sheet of paper.” This symbol is about a poem when dematerialized, reveals the beautiful and refreshing nature of dying. Look to the energies of Mercury that seeds Mars energy to be fulfilled.

The Goddesses Speak:  Let our Voices be HEARD!

Lilith in Aquarius comes into an Air trine with Sophia Wisdom in Libra. Sophia YODS The Magdalene in Taurus who squares Lilith, all at Starseed degrees. Whoa!! Lilith  knows that your treasure of enlightenment will be found, and when your knowledge is certain. Keep your faith strong and so you can find the energy to keep going. Stay focused and on track in the pursuit of any goal, because hope and a continual regeneration is here for you to receive.

The Magdalene invites you to feel the aliveness of everything around you. This aliveness is found in all dimensions:  physical and ethereal. Connect to your core you and be in tune to your world. Awaken to the joy and positivity that is within everything you touch. You are healing through unconditional love.

Sophia guides you to look beyond the surface to find new meanings and insights. You will uncover new revelations. Don’t worry what others may say. Just keep looking and listening to your inner guidance. Sophia is the Seed degree for Moon in Pisces during this Saturn RX experience. What is growing is your realization of being able to understand the deeper meaning of what lies within you. Sophia is fulfilled by Isis by understanding that any meaning outside yourself, is actually a story of our own making. Instead by guided by your own inner wisdom. When you reach out to help another, you access more wealth from within. This wealth creates many possibilities for your internal flowering.

Interesting …

It is interesting to note that the Asteroid Vatican (6 degrees Taurus) comes into conjunction with Uranus, the Sun and Verte in Taurus to trigger another layer of awakening to divine Truth around Earth Goddess matters and your relationship to what matters most, your Values. For the Vatican, Chiron, the Wounded Healer, at 4 degrees Aries becomes its fulfillment. Chiron’s symbol image is  “A man destroying a wall as he attempts to eradicate black mold from a house.” This symbol is renewed by love and joy as you tear down the obstructive foundations of your past. The Taurus Sun says to see the Vatican/Church structure bathed in healing, angelic Pink Light.

The Taurus Sun is an Angel of healing waiting to be summoned. The North Node in Cancer is the seed degree for the Sun’s energy to blossom within you. The North Node symbol is:  “A keyboard which plays colors.” This symbol’s meaning is about becoming aware of a wide range of vibrations that echo with the ones you need for healing and fulfillment. I really like this symbol as science has proven that humans can only perceive a small percentage of the spectrum of light and can only hear a certain percentage of sound frequencies. Fascinating!

Verte helps the Sun’s energy become aware of the truth that what anything seems to be on first sight might be very different from what it really is. Be willing to look again at things that may have repelled you, or things that seemed unlikely to grow. Through your openness, patience and persistence you can find great value in something that you may never have explored. Hmmm…

Wrap Up:

Venus at 11 degrees Aries is co-joining with Vesta at 12 degrees. Together their symbol is “An old woman hears the stars talking to her at night.” Venus and Vesta are telling you the sky is full of stories. Stories are constantly streaming onto the earth from every direction of the Universe. The idea is to not become hung up on any one story, but to absorb the wisdom that flows through them all. That is the energy of “divine nectar”. Vesta tells you the purity of your beautiful vision is what protects you. Your success is based on your high integrity and innocence. Your lightness of being is your best defense against challenges. Your perseverance is astounding.

Finally, Saturn sums it all up by saying to appreciate and accept your past for what it is. By freeing yourself from its influence, you change it. As you move through the passageway of time, there are those in the visible and invisible realms that reach out to encourage you forward. Take note that those who play the roles of adversary, are actually on a Soul-level, the ones helping you forward.

Take this next 5.5 months to really dive deeply into yourself to be able to see clearly the difference.

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