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Sagittarius Full Moon draws Spiritual Message from the Cosmos

Awakening your Spirit is a process of clearing and cleansing your conditioned mind. This Gemini lunar cycle speaks to your sleeping Spirit that it is time to rise up. The Mercurial Messenger whispers, “Pick up your bow and aim for what lays beyond the clouds of mental confusion and material illusion.”

The Full Moon arrives at 6:09 AM PST on Friday, June 9, 2017 at 18 degrees Sagittarius. One hour later, Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter is released from his karmic review (retrograde) and poised to move forward. At 13 degrees Libra, Jupiter is stationed at a cardinal sign’s most powerful degree. (Is that any coincidence that the number 13 is associated with the Feminine?) Jupiter the planet of expansion, good luck, truth, optimism and adventure has been reviewing all your relationships since February 6, 2017.

The Full Moon draws forth the expansive fruition of your New Moon in Gemini wishes and intentions set on May 25, 2017. The Full Moon is a time of release, forgiveness and celebration. In the Sagittarius vibration, this is most fully expressed in the fiery joy of the Gypsy Soul Traveler dancing in her spiritual adventure. Energy from the Sagittarius Full Moon now rushes towards your relationship to partnerships, money, honesty, optimism, adventure, truth.

Keys:  Great Teacher

Full Moon in Sagittarius conjuncts Saturn – Great Teacher at the Galactic Center degree of 27. Saturn becomes The Hierophant in Sagittarius and brings great teachings and wisdom that last lifetimes. Take note, this is the last time this conjunction will happen for 28 years. What is your message from the Great Teacher to take with you and learn over the next 28 years? The Full Moon in Sagittarius is called the “Priest’s Moon” so your message carries with it a spiritual “High Frequency” teaching from the center of our Galaxy. Be wise and ask, listen and follow the advice. Light candles to understand and trust in your inner Higher Authority – your Heart – to reveal what waits for you.

Two Yods:  Two Fingers of GODDESS/GOD:

A Yod formation is 150 degrees and is called a “Finger of GODDESS/GOD”. This is a highly unstable lightning-type energy in the material worlds. The way to connect and receive of its blessings is through Spiritual understanding first and foremost. Our star of this Full Moon experience, Jupiter, forms a Yod to Neptune in Pisces, who is about to go retrograde on 6/16/17. Jupiter is passing the Retrograde “Spiritual Review” torch to Neptune to take your spiritual Soul journey to the next level. Stay close to your heart and listen to your Higher Mind. Hold a bigger picture to resolve issues around your relationship to your eternal Soul. What is this relationship about? Contemplate your Soul existence and your connection to the One Soul that inhabits all life.

The other Yod is through the Sun in Gemini to Pluto and Juno in Capricorn. The Sun represents your personality and ego. It is the energy of how you know yourself to be. It is how you show up in the world and shine your eternal light. Gemini wants to know who you think your mind is. How do you think? What is the energy of your dominant thoughts? Pluto rises up with spiritual volcanic transformative energy to assist you in taking your personal power back. Capricorn in the shadow is about rules, authority and power structures that own you. The time is now for personal sovereignty. What are your rules, authority and power delegated by your Soul? Juno wants to know, “What forms of power are you married to or in union with?” If they do not have Spirit at its core, it’s time for a purge. It’ s way easier to let go and let GOD/GODDESS than fight this level of transformation. Let go and swim downstream with is galactic size Vortex of well-being!

Truth and Honesty = Health:

This cosmic alignment sails through the Ophiuchus constellation, the lost 13th Sign of the Zodiac. (13 again!). Another fixed star, Sabik, offers humanity wake up calls in the realms of health, both physical and spiritual (all illness has its roots in body-mind-spirit matrix). Disease and pandemics are Sabik’s calling card. Ophiuchus, known as the Snake Doctor, shows up to release us from our “dis-ease”. CBS News recently reported that there is a “pandemic” of drug overdoses – which is soooo Pisces Shadow! The shadow of Pisces is addiction to escape living under illusions. No way out but to check out.

This is a turning point along Humanity’s collective Soul journey. The time is here to take back your personal power and authority. Begin by checking your false sense of self – your ego and place your trust in a higher power and authority. Ophiuchus along with Pluto wish to heal what ails your Soul through transformation of the lower self who believes in fear. Developing self-discipline and emotional maturity now will help release guilt from your past. The Full Moon vibration is especially designed for release. As your guilt is released, you will open the doorway to your positive karma and soul evolution.

Are you ready? Can you handle it? Yes, yes you can whispers your Spirit…


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