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S.O.S.- See Our Souls – High Priest Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Full Sagittarius “High Priest’s Moon” at 15 degrees on June 5, 2020, at 12:12 PM PST/1:12 PM MST/2:12 PM CST/3:12 PM EST

The Full Strawberry “High Priest” Moon is the first of three eclipses happening June 5th, June 20th, and July 4th, 2020. A Lunar Eclipse creates a powerful, magnetic forcefield to shapeshift reality. Imagine one door closing and another door opening. We as a collective human race have the power to change timelines. Eclipses provide the energetic field to do this powerfully.

The Sagittarius Full Moon aligns with the Gemini Sun at the midpoint degree of 15. Midpoints are powerful in Astrology because they are at the center of the beginning and the end. The midpoint degrees empower the Lunar Eclipse frequency to take it to the next level. The Sagittarius Full Moon pulls in the “Great Attractor” of the Galactic Center. The Gemini Sun, in opposition, pulls in the Orion constellation, specifically the fixed stars Cursa “the Giant’s footstool” and Rigel “Orion’s left foot”.

Rigel’s energy is very brave and courageous because it comes from greatness. But this courage must be merged with wisdom and sincerity to achieve the innate energy of success. Cursa is a brighter star that lends it support as the footstool to the Giant, Rigel. Cursa offers you passion for your quest that is your Soul’s purpose. The Sun empowers this energy for you to bring into your heart in 2020.

PLANET ALLIES: “Look for the Helpers”

Mars is the focus point planet of the Full Moon and Sun harmonic opposition. This T-square is emanating between the Sun, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, and Mars at the midpoint degrees. The energy is Mutable which directs us to be flexible, adaptable, and willing to let things go.

Ceres appears to whisper into the heart of Mars from the voices of your ancestors. What is happening now is all Souls incarnating are here to heal all at once. You are chosen now to bring the energy of “dissolution” with the help of your ancestors. The bigger picture is the clearing of racial karma and suffering along multiple timelines and dimensions.

Lilith moves into orb with Eris, the Goddess of Discord. The Black Moon Lilith empowers Eris to come into form in the current 3D world. Mars is heading towards this conjunction throughout the summer. The point of occlusion is the anniversary of 9/11. Take heed to release Mars from the shadow of Pisces in the “Victim/Victimizer” program. How? Merge with the universal antidote of divine forgiveness. Practice Ho’onopono and be courageous to accept responsibility for the suffering of the world by praying: “I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you.”

Our collective human ancestral lineage is whispering, “See each other as one Soul. Dissolve into the greater unified Cosmic ocean of unconditional Love and forgiveness and compassion.”

: Multi-Dimensional Puzzle Pieces :

FULL MOON 101: The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of: Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped 

During this Full Moon Phase, your Gemini New Moon intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your goals expand into fruition with your Soul power of Harmony. The Universe loves to create with you for your highest good. Release all that stands in your way of experiencing divine relationships with yourself and others. Utilize the Sagittarius Full Moon’s power to uplift your heart and mind to the bigger picture of your life. Celebrate your desire to seek truth and live your life to the fullest! transmute betrayal and surrender to trusting your true authentic Self. Celebrate your passion and ecstasy with the Universe instead!

“High Priest Moon”:  Full Moon in Sagittarius

The Sagittarius Full Moon is called the “High Priest Moon” and the Strawberry Moon. This Full Moon expands the faith of your Higher Mind to seek the truth of everything Sagittarius holds the container for world religions as the archetype of the Centaur. This ancient Centaur – or Chiron – dives deeper into your internal being of both body and Soul. You have natural instincts and divine intelligence. Become thirsty to understand divine knowledge and be driven to merge with your Soul’s ecstasy! Sagittarius bears a more masculine frequency for the Full Moon allowing Sun’s energy within you to search for Truth for this week! Take note of your Gemini and Sagittarius-ruled Houses in your Natal chart to receive messages from the Full Moon. Need help? Get a reading with Shannon. Join the Lunar Ladies Club to put what you learn about yourself into action with others!

*SUPER TIP:  The shadow of Sagittarius shows up as dogmatic, self-righteous, and greedy. Check your Sagittarius-ruled house, your Natal Jupiter and your 9th house in your natal chart. Need help? Get a reading with Shannon.

21st Lunar Mansion: “The Duel”

The 21st Lunar Mansion cut ties with toxic relationships to help you move forward. Mars is the guardian of the 21st Lunar Mansion who brings you the courage to end unhealthy patterns. As the Gemini Sun lights up the Full Moon, look for the liars in your life. Look deeply into your own mirror to see if the lie is part of your own personality and seek to understand why you are attracting this into your life. Watch for ways you may be resisting ending these old ways of being that no longer serve your happiness. Be willing to surrender, to make way for something better to grow in its place. – THIS IS ECLIPSE ENERGY – Take in the dual perspectives so you can clearly see both sides of any issues that are popping up under this Full Moon. The 21st Lunar Mansion brings you “High Priest power” to make bold and fiery changes to take your power back and grow your Wisdom. Always revert to being honest with yourself. The biggest lesson is “To thine own self be true.” This is where your power lies.


Sagittarius Full Moon: FORM

15 Sagittarius Moon: “A magician’s wand sprouting golden leaves.”

The “High Priest” Moon generates a powerful alive energy that supports creative energy to flow through you. The Moon signals that good fortune is available. Allow room in your life for something good to come. What appears to be ending, is actually going through a new growth cycle. It’s happening underneath the surface in your subconscious. Get excited for the unexpected to suddenly burst forth with new life. Move breath through your body to carry healing energy to every cell. This brings the renewal from the High Priest Moon’s wizard wand! Yezel, the Angel, appears to help you access your strength and inspiration. Your strength is more powerful when you are inspired by what good has begun! The strength of many are within one and together we can overcome the past. Ride the Peace Train.

Gemini Sun: LOGOS

15 degrees Gemini: “A sunflower wilting and dropping its seeds.”

The Gemini Sun appears as a sunflower who’s natural ending is to disperse seeds for the next cycle. This is a spontaneous and easy process. The inspiration in the Full Moon is sourced by the Sun. Your job is to relax into the warmth of rejuvenation. The Sun is releasing creative energy that has been stored up for a long time. The energy is for food, for growth, and to replenish the Earth, too. The Sun remind you not to try to control your destiny. Your destiny has it own purpose, power, and strength. Just be easy and generous with your inner light and shine that out into the world. Elemel, the Angel, helps you recover from the pains of the past. If your heart has been broken, it needs healing light. Call to Elemel to open your heart to heal the source of your pain, the feelings beneath the feelings.

Mars in Pisces: HEALING

15 degrees Pisces: “A river of ideas and images entering our reality.”

Mars is the focus of the Lunar Eclipse experience and is the quantum field that needs the most healing attention. Mars appears as a “river of ideas and images entering our reality.” Mars is taking the suffering victim in the shadow of Pisces to learn the way of the Peaceful Warrior. Mars is at the junction of the Hero’s Journey where the Allies appear. Who are the “Yoda’s” in your life now? Yelahel, one of the 72 Angels of God, reminds you that a river moves because there is water to feed it. Yelahel connects you to the flow of Love that has no end and never leaves. Allow your inner Mars to contemplate the maturing of Love as you reconnect. When you are full, convey this love to others to enrich love within all your relationships.


15 degrees Virgo: “A jar of Camphor crystals.”

Virgo is the missing element in the Medicine Wheel and provides the insights to create a relationship to this Great mystery. “A jar of Camphor crystals” is the image that bears the message of using homeopathic remedies to clear the vibrations of other substances. Camphor burns like a white flame and negates negative energy. To want to help clear the negativity in the world is a noble cause. But, some experiences are needed to provide bigger healing among the masses. You have to consider the point of view from Soul. If the healing experiences are not complete, they will return again and again until the experiences have fulfilled themselves. The key is to use the power of purification wisely. Yeliel, one of the 72 Angels of God, guides you to connect with the power of love to overcome fear. Yelieh helps to be at ease with yourself to overcome blockages around loneliness. Speak Yeliel’s name to reconnect to love and recover your joy.

WRAP UP: Bringing it Together

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Sun, Mars, and planetary players join their forces together to help you end cycles of suffering. The Moon pulls on your creative energy to flow. The Sun rejuvenates your ability to grow. Mars helps you with clear boundaries and Neptune dissolves your past. The Goddess of the Grain, Virgo, organizes internal chaos to help you find your way to the Great Mystery. The Soul is the way through the eye of the needle. See yourself as a Soul and see everyone else as a Soul, too. Do no harm. Protect your divine sovereign right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Do this for yourself and you do this for all.

Slainte to new beginnings!

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