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Root Knowledge Power! Transform with Scorpio New Moon

New Moon and Sun at 15 degrees Scorpio November 7, 2018

at 8:01 AM PST/11:01 AM EST/4:01 PM UK


New Moon aligns with the Sun at 15 degrees Scorpio adding an overlay of Pisces Soul medicine. This is the most powerful lunar cycle of the year to do Shadow Work. You are invited to go down into your deepest parts and learn to love even the most undesirable parts of you. The Great Cosmos loves you and gives you so many benevolent frequencies to assist and support you as you powerfully choose to transform yourself, especially those deep, dark, ooey gooey, shoved in the closet parts! Utilize the powers of Awareness, Acknowledgement, Acceptance and compassionate understanding as you powerfully transform during this lunar cycle:  November 7 – December 5, 2018.

The Lunar Nodes of Karmic Destiny also shift and change at the beginning of this Scorpio lunar cycle. The Nodes leave Leo-Aquarius and return Home to Cancer-Capricorn to unwind the patriarchy and restore the balance with the power of the Original Mother God. It is through this next 18-month cycle, that we will realign with the Creatix power of the Galactic Mother. Imagine the power of a Grizzly Bear Mother who has come to protect her cubs. She is the soft and warm Life-giver and the terrifying and powerful Protector at the same time. Play with Mama Bear and let her energy flow as the soft, warm Life-giver — it will be much better. Trust me!

New Moon Energetics:

New Moons are the time of new beginnings. This is your invitation to set your intentions along with Mother Nature and put into conscious motion your next 28-day goals and 6-month dreams. New Moon Time is about consciously growing as a Soul.

A New Moon is created when the Sun and Moon join together at the exact the same degree in the heavens. The New Moon is the Dark Moon, as no sunlight is reflecting upon Her surface. Your emotional Self is already inward (from Third Quarter) and in a place of stillness. Stillness is the energy state required to powerfully align your intentions with the greater forces of the Galaxy. Just like Nature, you have ability to harness and attract all you need for your personal growth.

“Raging Moon”:  New Moon in Scorpio

The Scorpio New Moon is called the “Raging Moon”. As the Moon is newly born, Scorpio and its Ruler, Pluto, bring up volatile intensity of early beginnings that can start with an eruption. Not all childhood memories are happy and this Moon has to rage to be free. This rage is the energy that cries at the unfairness of a world out of control. Powerlessness is the theme that desires to be overcome. This Moon cries at being overpowered and subjugated by less evolved Souls who hold the power over what happens in the world. This Moon is going to free and clear any parts of you that you were taught and/or forced to repress in this life as well as other lifetimes.

Take Heed! Be One with the Invisible Force-Field!

A Grand Water Trine and Cardinal Grand Cross come together as the Moon and Sun align. This cosmic mandala is a beautiful thing to behold. It is held by planets at karmic degrees of DESTINY! There is one point in this mosaic that is missing. The invisible element is Virgo at 28 degrees. It is in this invisible piece that is holds a force field of Love from the Cosmos for you. This Sabian Symbol image for this degree mirrors the New Moon in perfect symmetry. It’s truly mind-blowing! The image is “A SEEKER AFTER OCCULT KNOWLEDGE IS READING AN ANCIENT SCROLL WHICH ILLUMINES ONE’S MIND.” MESSAGE: After a crisis one should seek to realign the renewed consciousness with the primordial Revelation of the Truth.

At any revolutionary movement, one has overcome the inertia of the past. Obsolete structures topple, as the needs of the most essential realities are brought into harmony by universal Order. What has been destroyed, re-embodies into what is needed in the Now. This “Pattern of Humanity” is an archetypal Power that must be sought with undeviating determination. After each revolution, this Pattern and this Power can be contacted to begin a new cycle of a different light. To “reach the other shore”, each individual must come in its own ROOT KNOWLEDGE which provides the foundation for rebirth. – WOW!

Sabian Symbols Soul Story:  Time After Time

Sabian Symbols are images that act as vibrational keys to open up a vibrational field of awareness from the collective Psyche. As you continue to connect with the energy of this Scorpio lunar cycle, tune into the next Sabian image appearing with the Sun and Moon.

“One who Studies a Mandala with the Help of an Ancient Book.”

MESSAGE:  A deep concern with problems raised by the process of personality integration.

After you decide to follow a new course of action, your decision sends a quiver into the Field of your human experience that has to next be stabilized and consolidated. This is the process of integration. In Asia the great symbol of this process is the Mandala and in the Christian world is the symbol of the Cross. The Mandala can take an infinite variety of forms and is psychological and cosmic, symbolizing an integration of multiple energies. The Cross represents conflict in action and symbolizes overcoming tragedy. The Mandala reveals a deep effort to reach understanding of the relationship of every part to the other part. Study and turn your focus inward. Practice the fine art of CONCENTRATION.

Mercury, newly born in Sagittarius, prepares Jupiter to walk the Path of Truth for 13 months (starting on November 8, 2018 to December 3, 2019). Mercury travels into the Upper World to retrieve this image for you:  “A MOTHER LEADING HER SMALL CHILD STEP BY STEP UP A STEEP STAIRWAY.” KEYNOTE: The need in any social situation to assist the less evolved to help in their problems which society requires to be solved. SOCIAL CONCERN. Open up to Divine Feminine assistance to help you transcend the struggles of the lower world and ascend into living in the higher realms for your everyday life!


The Polarity Point of the New Moon offers you a healthy dose of Contrast Medicine this lunar cycle. This is the power of utilizing the energy of “Counterpoint Awareness”. Check out 15 degrees Taurus as the Polarity Point of the New Moon’s Sabian image! “AN OLD TEACHER FAILS TO INTEREST HIS PUPILS IN TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE.” MESSAGE: The inadequacy of past knowledge in time of change.

During these times of change and transformation,  wisdom learned from the past will remain in the background to be revived later on as new forms. Traditional concepts and knowledge are no longer adequate to confirm the new conditions of your emerging world. This symbol comes to you, the Seeker, intending to show you that even the most consecrated tradition does not have the real answer to today’s problems. From the Zen point of view, do not depend on past concepts to find your way along this new path. Repeat: “Not this! Not that!” — until the pure Void of the Great Mystery is reached within you. Time for “AUM”!


New Home Address:  1111 Lunar Ladies Club Drive

As you travel into this new cycle of Time with Jupiter’s search for cosmic Truth and Scorpio’s desire for transformation, you may feel you need help to find see your way through. This is what the Lunar Ladies Club is designed to do – Help you easily and joyfully find your way onto your Soul Purpose Path. This invitation comes to entice you to follow your heart and live your life with purpose and power. Commit to rediscovering your true Self over the next 13-18 months as the Lunar Nodes of Cancer and Capricorn call you home and Jupiter awaits to gift you the wealth and abundance, good luck and good fortune of your spiritual calling in this lifetime! Join us in the Spiritual Spa at the home address of:  1111 Lunar Ladies Club Drive. Drop your burdens and come on in! The Door is always open. Welcome Home.

2 responses to “Root Knowledge Power! Transform with Scorpio New Moon

  1. Everyday I grow a little with the help of Shannon. Somedays by leaps and bounds. Learning how your chart, the planets and the moon are teaching you things to embrace, to learn, to let go…im truly grateful the Lunar Ladies, and Shannon have crossed my path to help me end old outdated patterns and become so much more. Thank you.

    1. Love you Deb! Thank you for being your amazing Self and bringing your Soul gifts into the world. Thank you for being a Spirit Warrior of Love and Light in the VIP Lunar Ladies Club, too!

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