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Romance & Religion: “Widow’s Moon” asks Where’s the Love?

The Third Quarter Moon arrives in Cancer at 19 degrees on October 12, 2017 at 5:25 AM PST. Third Quarter Moon energy is about letting go what no longer serves you and drawing in your support system to foster the growth you made during this lunar cycle.

The waning Cancer Third Quarter Moon is called the Widow’s Moon” – The Daughter’s Moon now grows old and she ponders her experiences, allowing herself to feel what she has lost during her life. Being in the 2nd decan, this Cancer Moon carries the Scorpio depths into her feelings. Instead of staying frozen in the grief, the Widow’s Moon invites you to acknowledge and feel what is there. As you do you allow the emotional energy to move, making space for something new to grow in its place. Cancer is the Cardinal (initiator) of the Water element. When you cry, you powerfully connect to the Water element and move the energy of your past profoundly to heal and understand your experiences on a deeper level.

Let’s take a closer Look:  Sabian Symbol Storyline

Sabian Symbol for 19 degrees Cancer Moon is:  “VENETIAN GONDOLIERS GIVING A SERENADE.” Images of Venice bring up romance. The city of Venice is surrounded by waterways and canals. Water represents consciousness and this degree of Cancer sings songs of love and social experience of joy. We have a basic human drive towards social tradition. Everything in this romantic settings plays its part, offering a sense happiness and fulfillment. What is your urge for joy that aligns with your community’s traditions that celebrate  happiness? Focus on this keyword:  FESTIVITY.

The Sabian Symbol for 19 degrees Libra Sun:  “A RABBI PERFORMING HIS DUTIES.” Where the Gondolier represents a traditional image of romance, the Rabbi shows you cultural and religious traditions that are also about Love. Where Water is fluid, ancestral or rules and authority are channeled as age-old forms and rituals.  The Sun represents the Masculine and the Moon represents the Feminine. Look within to see how fluid or constrained are your expressions of Love, through romance or religion. Rules can create inertia if out of balance. Yet there is beauty and wisdom in time-honored traditions. The keyword to focus on is:  INHERITED WISDOM.

The Planetary Line-up:

Cardinal Grand Cross:  is the third revolution of our journey in the material world. This alignment is about your Will. Electric impulses create and initiate impulse. You are a leader now in the energy fields of creation and experience. Power now comes as rhythms and waves of contraction and expansion. This energy is for those who do not fear the Unknown. In this space you LEAD. The secret to accessing power is no fear of being powerless. The Moon and Pluto ask you to be in harmony. Uranus and the Sun/Mercury want harmony, too. This releases the tension built up in the squares and creates a Cross of Divine Will. Go for it!

Mystic’s Rectangle:  Synergy between the Moon and Mar/Venus assists the energy to flow and stabilize your spiritually with Pluto. Synergy between Pluto, Chiron and Verte stabilizes the Wounded Healer with its spiritual connection to Mars/Venus. To align with the alchemy of this Mystic’s Rectangle, focus on your Soul’s divine truth and divine new rules of authority to govern the totality of your Being. Good stuff!

The Takeaway:

It’s time to surrender to what is during this last week of the waning lunar cycle. Jupiter is reborn anew in Scorpio. As you surrender, you align with Scorpio’s gifts for the year ahead. The Cancer Moon bless Jupiter journey into water depths of the Underworld. Take time to rest, lay low and slow down. Contemplate what you are surrendering to. Grieve for what has been lost. And take solace in what wants to transform within you because of this experience. … The New Moon arrives on October 19th at 12:12 PM PST! Can you hear the Angels already singing?

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