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Rite of Passage: Gaia is calling you with the New Moon

This new lunar cycle asks you to have courage to receive of the Earth’s splendor and abundance. Taurus, the Bull brings the New Moon at 6 degrees on 4/26/17 at 5:16 AM PST. Your focus this lunar month is about having, self-worth, feeling safe and secure and growing long-term financial wealth into retirement. This cycle will invite you to clear blocks to feeling undeserving and pave your pathway to having your ultimate material Earth delight experiences realized. Gaia is here to give you what you really want. But you must cultivate your spiritual awareness to integrate this spiral dance of the Goddess within yourself, your life and your future.

Holding court with the Sun and Moon at the other end of the spectrum in Taurus  is Ceres ~ the Great Goddess Demeter at 28 degrees. Mercury Retrograde is here, too, and also goes direct during this lunar cycle on 5/3/17. Mercury- Messenger from Gaia invites you to step over into your right brain to understand how to transform. So start this lunar cycle within your right-brain frequency, i.e. your emotional, artistic, non-verbal, spatial awareness.

The Sun, Moon, Ceres connection heralds a rite of passage from the young Maiden to the Great Mother. The Mother/Daughter New Moon rite of passage begins in the ripe fields of abundance consciousness and is stabilized and rooted with the Great Mother’s nurturing energy.

This lunar cycle is all about finding your earth chakra that extends from your body deep into the earth. Grounding cords are your umbilical cord lifeline to attracting, manifesting and having your dreams realized. Sign up for our 5-day Meditation Grounding Challenge with Dr. Stella this lunar cycle. This will get your grounding cord nice and strong!

Remember, Taurus is ruled by Venus and she likes to indulge in the fineries of life. Try not to give into too much indulgence as this Moon wants you to connect more with Ceres, Great Mother, Grandmother, the Indigenous Ancestors of the community where you live and of the Ancestors of the Earth. But traveling Venus is at the karmic destiny degree of 29 in Pisces now and she is sending a multitude of blessings your way from your Soul Center. Just receive these blessings through all your senses:  taste, touch, sight, hearing, smelling and 6th sense of Intuition.

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Present Possibilities:  6 Degrees Taurus —  “Bridge being Built above a High Narrow Gorge” Build a bridge between “emotional chasms” or anything that you are at odds with. The odds are in your favor at this time. Overcome the distance and separation you have felt and focus on building continuity between them to solve your problems with creative solutions. As you build this bridge, you empower yourself to conquer time and space barriers. Physical limitations will be overcome when you take one step at a time (so Taurus!) SUPER TIP:  You will find exactly where this is for you when you look at your Taurus-ruled House in your Natal Astrology chart. Don’t know your chart? We can help you! You can get here.

Karmic Past:   5 Taurus“A Youth Widow, Fresh and Soul-cleansed from Grief, Kneels at an Open Grave to Receive the Secret of Eternal Life”  This is the time for letting go of what was thought to be lost. Your mind wants to realize you illusions about matter. Let go of what no longer works by purging the past. Forgive and surrender past grievances. Allow yourself to grieve the past only long enough to let it go to move on. Receive the gifts that loss brings over time. Forgiveness and surrender cleanses your Soul and releases grief, guilt and shame.

Future Potential:  7 Taurus  — “The Woman of Samaria draws Water at Jacob’s Well”  The future is blaring the “clarion call” for unconditional love to be available to everyone and everything. This energy is based on freedom and respect for all. Delete prejudice completely from your mindset. Dissolve it everywhere especially within your family ancestry and past lives. (there’s Ceres and the Moon’s influence!) New ideas are revealed about one’s spiritual nature when you draw water from this sacred well. Bless the water in your home, your community and every time you come into contact with Water. As you feel blessed and bless others, your life and the future are altered.

Your Key to Success:  Neptune 13 Pisces“A Sword used in many Battles, now in a Museum”  Your success with this opportunity for growth comes in the form of contacting the Ninja within. It’s time to lay down your Sword. This about ending the battles and being at war. The Ninja realizes that past battles were about bringing forth peace. Focus on the bravery, strength and courage it took to enter into battle. Use that level of valor to allow your Inner Hero to emerge. Your sword becomes the Excalibur. Seek for truth and justice. Find your Holy Grail and peace will prevail upon the land.

But it feels so dark?

It’s those Retrogrades! Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter are hard at work rewiring your consciousness. The retrogrades bring to light dark energies that need purifying. Pluto in Capricorn is exposing strong leaders and dictators. Take advantage of this strong retrograde season and allow this rewiring to help you identify and understand your inner shadows. Shining a light on darkness takes its power away and opens the doorway to the transformation and liberation of old guilt, fear and shame. Retrogrades require that you slow down and be more internal, seeking the truth within your sacred Self.

Now more than ever is a great time to embrace all the changes that are happening worldwide. Lunar Ladies is here to walk your path with you, guiding and directing you towards your greatest wealth. Ladies, it’s time to live by your Wisdom and understand how to use your inner Shakti to be the change you wish to see in the world. Learn how to do this in our Living a Lunar Lifestyle Ecourse. Join us in the Lunar Ladies Club, Lunar Ladies Lifestyle Facebook group and in our bimonthly webinars to get access to the latest, greatest and best information out there on personal stellar transformation! Sign up for our next free New Moon webinar “Lock in your Powers of Attraction with Lunar Living”!


4 responses to “Rite of Passage: Gaia is calling you with the New Moon

  1. Not sure what to ask this is all very new to me. Within the last 4mths ive noticed my periods are starting one day before the full moon. This has never happened in my life before. Very curious

    1. Hi Roxanne! Thank you so much for being here. When you start tuning into the natural vibrations of your Feminine body, Nature and the Moon, things start to shift and change. Do you have our MoonDial yet? This will help you keep track of your cycle and the phases and signs of the Moon. Do you know your Natal chart, too? This also shows you your personal connection to the Moon. Feel free to comment back and I can show you how to find out <3.

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