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“Ring of Fire!” Solar Eclipse on the 29th!


A powerful New Moon (4/28/14) in Taurus, the Bull, heralds in the “Ring of Fire”, Aries Solar Eclipse on Tuesday, April 29th. The Cosmos are asking you to shed old patterns and eliminate ancient, toxic habits. This goes for each one of us, in your personal life and for Humanity as a collective soul.

Here’s the breakdown of how to access this potent moment: Remaining grounded is essential. Think “sensuality” — Yoga, meditation, quiet, wholesome meals, being in Nature, smelling the roses — are activities that will help you feel safe and en-souled while you’re reviewing your life’s direction.

Eclipses rarely go unnoticed. The Solar Eclipse on the 29th receives positive energies from Mercury and Pluto, to hold the vibration of transforming the way we think and communicate (Mercury) about what matters most: our value system. Sometimes events come with major plot twists in our personal play. Events will seem fated, but you must trust that whatever comes it’s all in the interest of the evolution of your Soul (Pluto).

According to Pat Liles, The Power Path, Working from the positive energies of your heart- cooperation, generosity, all shared energies – is what will change our world in the direction we desire. Root yourself deeply down to the core of Mother Earth and draw up her love, nourishment and support into your body and ask for her guidance for a vision of your future self.”

Cosmic Rebirth, Inspiration and Nourishment await you! Celebrate!

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