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Rewrite your Story with the Quicksilver Gemini Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Full Gemini Lunar Eclipse “Storyteller’s Moon” at 8 degrees on November 30, 2020 at 1:30 AM PST/2:30 AM MST/3:30 AM CST/4:30 AM EST

The Gemini Full Moon and Sun in Sagittarius ignite the first of two Eclipses that lead up to the super-conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020. This Full Moon is a lunar eclipse that closes one portal and opens another. Gemini’s energetic is asking you to “rewrite your life’s story” and be as creative as possible!

The powerful Eclipse cycle of a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse and a New Moon Solar Eclipse began this year on June 5th, 2020 with the Sagittarius “S.O.S.” High Priest Full Moon. The time now in the season of Fall-Winter is its’ Twin. The Nodal Wave clicks off another degree appearing in the frequency of “19” as you prepare what you will need to have as an abundant supply of material goodness in your life for 2021.

The Gemini Full Moon receives energy from the Fixed Star AIN in the Taurus constellation. AIN carries the Kabbalah’s highest gifts. AIN holds within her stars the energy of Saturn and Mercury, too. Mercury and Saturn form a sextile of ease to help you with syncing up to the Cosmos. This is so in alignment with the 6th Lunar Mansion (see below), too. Take advantage and say thank you for these energetic gifts!

Spiritual Attainment is for REAL!

The Sagittarius Sun shines a light on the biblical question “Am I my brother’s keeper?” This question can be seen as a coded esoteric message. As we evolve the human Sacred Heart, the next step in our consciousness is to answer, “Yes, I am my brother’s keeper!” When you can experience this, you have reached an advanced level of spiritual attainment. I witnessed this personally swimming with wild dolphins in the Pacific Ocean. Their Pod nature is to ensure the thrive-ability of each member which makes the entire Pod healthier and stronger. This Lunar Eclipse experience is a two-step process. What you can learn now readies you for the upcoming Solar Eclipse New Moon in Sagittarius on 12/14/20. Practice being “your brother/sister’s keeper” and see what manifests around you. You will be amazed!

With the spiritual vibration at an all-time high, the Moon and Sun come close to the Aldebaran and Antares constellations. This calls into action Archangel Michael and Uriel. The Full Moon forms a YOD to Venus and the Sun forms a YOD to Uranus. Venus and Uranus form a harmonic octave to bring the Scorpio-Taurus axis into power- next level. The Goddess Juno merges with the New Moon degree to maintain the energy of the vows you made to your Soul on November 14th.


Eclipses are doorways that offer you the opportunity to end one story and begin another. When an Eclipse happens during a Full Moon, it is called a Lunar Eclipse. The Earth travels in between the Sun and Moon. The Earth temporarily blocks the light of the Sun onto the Moon. You get a reboot of your emotional body and Core Root Self. Eclipse moments last six months. Imagine the energy like a photograph that develops over time for six months. It slowly reveals itself to the viewer. Take this time now to powerfully end an old cycle. As you clear the space, put your intention into the Field to ripen with cosmic solar and lunar forces. You can end lifetimes of suffering – old repeating patterns – during eclipses when you know where it is happening in your chart. I like to revisit my South Node energy during eclipses so I can release yet another layer of a pattern I came here to break. Get your Natal chart examined by me with the Gratitude Sale happening now through 12/06/20!


FULL MOON: The energy of a Full Moon represents the vibrations of: Signed ~ Sealed ~ Stamped

During the Full Moon Phase, your New Moon in Sagittarius intentions become signed, sealed, and stamped. This is the week where your goals expand into fruition with your intentional Soul power. The Universe loves to manifest with you for your highest good. In May 2020, there was the Gemini New Moon ~ where you set into motion many layers and meanings coming from your Highest Good. Take yourself back to this time and reconnect to what your intentions were. What can you remember and reconnect to?

“Storyteller’s Moon” – Gemini Full Moon

Storyteller’s Moon is the Full Moon of the Lower Mind. The immense magnetic power of the Full Moon expands the awareness of your lower mind’s ability to be curious, creative, and alchemical. Storyteller’s Moon opens your mind to understand the nature of your reality, not from facts but from your feelings. This is a mental Moon but designed to expand your feelings through storytelling. Reconnect to your ability to discern fact from fiction, by developing your sentient observation skills. What stories speak to you? What do you resonate with? This is a great time to tune into Indigenous Creation myths or follow along Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey”. Archetypes speak volumes to awaken and activate the timeless canons of the Living Cosmic Library within your Soul and bones.

6th Lunar Mansion – “Little Star of Great Light”

The Gemini “Storyteller’s Moon” receives extra power from the 6th Lunar Mansion this week. Venus and Mercury, guardians of the 6th Lunar Mansion. As your Lunar awareness grows, you have new opportunities to align with what you value. Feel how deserving you are to have what you most desire. This lunar mansion connects you with your Law of Attraction power to teach you the power of Polarity. Mercury reminds you that developing a relationship between opposites requires: active listening and cultivation of Mindfulness. The power of the pause and Neutrality are great helpers as you develop this mental yoga. Fall in love with yourself by actively listening to your needs. Be mindful and remember that your Source of true love comes from within where you rediscover that you are a “Little Star of Great Light”.

16th Gateway – “Skills”

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in the Human Design 16th Gateway known as “Skills”. This is the gateway to experimentation with your creativity. Gemini is curious and inquisitive without any preconceived judgments. Gemini LIKES to play! This Gateway invites you to play with your dreams. Gemini energy is Quicksilver and likes to move fast. There’s no time to think and ponder. Just go for what you want to create. Experiment and let yourself be free to see what happens. Your task this week is to look at this: What are your beliefs around being creative? Use the power of the Lunar Eclipse to release old, outdated belief systems that say you are not creative. Because YOU ARE!

Gemini Full Moon & Sagittarius Sun
: — : LUNAR ECLIPSE : — :

The 8 degree Gemini Moon creates FORM:
“A Quiver filled with arrows.”

To realize our potential wealth, we follow the formula: preparation, practice, power.

The Gemini Lunar Eclipse Full Moon pulls in the power of preparation, practice, and mastery of skills. Just like the 16th Human Design Gateway, you are being pulled in the direction of developing your Spiritual Skills. Arrows are a powerful symbol of speed, agility, and spiritual communication. Diana and Artemis are two Goddesses depicted with a bow and arrow. A quiver of arrows reminds me of the Elven People. As this is the Gemini Full Moon, it is our quickness of mind and development of skills that are highlighted. Within the realm of skills, the mind is a sovereign ruler by having a quick intelligence and ready alertness to spot where our best interests lie. Training the mind is a sound investment. Material rewards give evidence of the true wealth within – we feel rich when we know how to create abundance through employment of our skills.

In 2021, you will need to have your “wits” about you and have your head on straight. I love this imagery as it speaks to the development of the mind which is paramount for living in the 2020 decade.


The 8 degree Sagittarius Sun creates LOGOS:
A mother leading her child up the stairs.”

Education draws out the mature awareness that to serve another is to serve ourselves.

The Sagittarius Sun shines a light on education and the power of the family to grow the character of one’s Soul. As a mother and father, you sign up for the honor to bestow upon your children what it takes to be happy, successful, and how to thrive in one’s life. Kahil Gibran writes a beautiful poem on who Children really are. “You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth.” The bow is stable, grounded, and secure. The arrows are the hopes and dreams of tomorrow.

During this week, develop your skillset so that you can have more to teach your children. Find what makes you feel stable and strong like the bow. If you do not have children, reparent yourself and take care of your Inner Child. Take care in what you need to fly and be free, for you hold the hope of tomorrow in your Soul. The time is now to rewrite your story so you can play a bigger role in 2021.

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Inner Circle

The light of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse reinforces your right to be sovereign. But do you have what it takes to claim your sovereignty? The formula for success is to realize your potential inner wealth. Try this formula: preparation, practice, power. Set your goal and aim for it like The Archer. Be empowered by your abilities to claim what is yours – and do it with a clear conscience.

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