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Reversal of Fortune & The Wheel of Fate: Jupiter Rx 2019

Jupiter Retrograde:  24 degrees Sagittarius on 04/10/19 to 14 degrees Sagittarius on 08/11/19


Want to hear a radical idea? There are multiple universes and multiple timelines and you may live in multiple realities simultaneously. What??!! Word. If this is true, which reality, timeline and universe do you choose to live in now? As Jupiter goes on a 4-month sojourn into what you value most, take a journey into the multiplicity of YOU!

Jupiter Rx happens every 13 months (Goddess Frequency!) and lasts for about 4 months. When Jupiter goes retrograde, you are invited to connect more deeply to what you value in your life. It is a time of spiritual reflection. Jupiter is the planet of Expansion and in reverse, this expansion is turned inward opening up the vast possibilities of your eternal Soul Self.

This is your time to tune into your Angels and Guides and ask them to show you what is so important to you now and what needs extra focus. Take the next 4 months to see what those areas are that need more growth and development for you to feel more happy and fulfilled.  Hint:  Check your Sagittarius-ruled House where Jupiter is retrograding through – see Checklist below.

What’s special about this Jupiter RX 2019?

Each Jupiter RX journey is different and unique depending on what is happening in the Cosmos. Jupiter stations retrograde at 24 degrees in the 3rd decan of Sagittarius on April 10, 2019. The 3rd decan draws in the vibration of Leo. As you reflect upon your bigger picture and what areas in your life are prime for growth, let your experience be centered in Leo’s luscious domain of your heart. Utilize your powers of creativity, romance and self-expression to experience this to the fullest.

The 3rd decan of Sagittarius is the Wheel of Fortune card in the Tarot. The Wheel of Fortune card carries the energy of Universal abundance and divine prosperity. The Goddess Fortuna guides you to understanding how to turn good fortune around your Wheel of Fate. She says to be objective like the royal leonine Sphinx, mentally flexible and creatively powerful. As you turn your Wheel of Fate in the direction of Jupiter retrograde, take this next 4 months to understand WHY it is important that your life shift in more positive directions. Let yourself be blessed by divine Grace and powerful “aha” moments! Be willing to take a risk, be open to change and feel blessed as you venture inside your holy Self.

Jupiter RX Mantra:
“I enjoy manifesting internal Abundance externally.
Abundance created me and that is what I AM.”


Jupiter Rx 2019 Chart

Jupiter opposes the waxing Gemini Crescent Moon and Juno, Goddess of Soul connections, in Gemini. This gives Jupiter a “Full Moon” effect with the Moon. Jupiter also squares Mercury at 22 degrees Pisces (still in Rx shadow zone). This is interesting as Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini, that the Moon is currently traveling through! Let’s get deeper insights by looking at the symbols for Jupiter, the Moon and Mercury.

Jupiter:  24 degrees:  “An old book that no one has ever read.”   Guardian Angel: Vehuel (Vay-hoo-EL) Happiness, Elevation, Grandeur.
Jupiter’s symbol invites you to go through an experience for the sake of learning what it has to teach you. Jupiter wants you to go step-by-step to learn how to enjoy the process. Merge with the magical energy of enjoying every step of your way. Become saturated with it to become one with its divine essence.

Aries Sun:  22 degrees:  “A painting with many layers of paint,”  Guardian Angel: MELAHEL (MAY-la-HEL) Sharing the Flame, Healing Capacity
The Sun 
holds the fulfillment energy of this Jupiter RX transit. When Jupiter goes direct, the Sun will be in Leo. Leo is governing this Jupiter-Sagittarian 3rd decan sojourn. The Sun wants you to realize how multi-layered your reality really is. Accept that much of your experience can only be accessed intuitively or at the very subtle layers of Spirit. Allow yourself Right-Brain time!

Moon:  24 degrees Gemini “A healer who uses only smiles to perform all his healings.” Guardian Angel: YEZALEL (YAY-za-LEL) Heaven on Earth, Fidelity, Loyalty, and Allegiance.
The Moon appears as a Healer to your internal world. This next four months has you checking your attitudes. Your attitude is actually a seed from which grows the whole of your karma. Be aware of the Light that is always trying to connect with you. Your bliss will come from being able to allow what is happening to happen. Let the Divine do its work. Stay focused and embody this:  “Gratitude is the BEST attitude.”

Mercury:  22 degrees Pisces “In a museum, paintings are admiring people as they pass by.” Guardian Angel: Damabiah (da-MA-bee-YAH) Fear of God, Fountain of Wisdom
Mercury’s power, as he leaves his RX shadow zone, whispers to you that everything you think creates a life of its own. Mercury is deeply aware and senses the aliveness of even your smallest thoughts. Be mindful and in rapport with everything that draws your attention. This is your key to ending old ways of creating unconsciously. As you understand the power of your thoughts – creating little life forms – you harness control and create thoughts that will bring to you more wealth, prosperity, peace and JOY!

Lunar Ladies Checklist:

1. Check your Sagittarius-ruled House in your Natal Chart to see where Jupiter RX is.
2. Check for Natal planets in Sagittarius
3. Find your Natal Jupiter: what Sign, House, degree
4. How is transiting Jupiter relating to your Natal Jupiter? (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, yod, opposition). If you need help, schedule a reading with Shannon.
5. Review your “big picture” for your life. Take this next 4 months to discover what is your new version of everlasting happiness. Perhaps your Spirit is calling you to join the Lunar Ladies Club!
6. Plan a long-range trip. What places are on your bucket list destinations? Imagine yourself there and make a Vision Board.

One more thing!

The start of the Jupiter Rx journey opens up the portal for the 1st Quarter Cancer Moon’s gifts of helping you push through blocks. Jupiter’s Pleiadian symbol is very appropriate for the 1st Quarter Cancer’s “Weeping Moon”. Tune back in Friday, April 12th for why this symbol is so meaningful!

Jupiter’s Pleiadian symbol: “A sleeping child on a bed floating down a moonlit river.”

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