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Return to your Power: 3rd Quarter Gemini “Magus Moon”

3rd Quarter Gemini “Magus Moon” at 18 degrees on September 10, 2020 at 2:26 AM PDT/3:26 AM MDT/4:26 AM CDT/5:26 AM EDT

The 3rd Quarter Gemini Moon gives you access to your magical powers of influence this week. Reflect upon your inner desire to be a leader. Practice discerning what is an attraction and what is a distraction to walking your spiritual path. Look for what diverts you from your path. Release and let go of those old behaviors, patterns, or people who thwart your quest for a better life. Your Soul’s Path and your calling are vitally important and much needed during this powerful times of change and transformation.

Moon yods Jupiter RX. The Moon sends a spiritual shockwave into your ability to become a leader for tomorrow. Jupiter wants your legacy to shine out into the world now. What must happen now is a for you to develop a deeper alignment with your spiritual core. Use this week’s power of reflection to sense the needs of people. Be willing to try and meet people where they are at now and lead them onto new pathways of higher conscious awareness.

Mercury, ruler of Gemini and Virgo, opposes Chiron RX. Mercury’s energy is imbued with a rare magic this week. Mercury helps you become more aware how everything is connected to everything else at the subtle, quantum level. To help your inner Warrior heal, realize that you lack for nothing. The journey of healing is multi-layered and multi-faceted. The elixir for wellness is found in dynamic harmony. That is why it is so important to realize how everything connects. Make an intention to see the truth and understanding Light. The only thing that blurs reality is old stuck places inside yourself that emanate from fear and yearning. As you release this week, more and more becomes clearer to you. Contact the magic and beauty that is happening within the realm of your current limitations. Herein lies your power!

Sun opposes Neptune RX. The Virgo Sun shines a light for you to become more aware of the inherent joy and wonder of life that is existing all around you. Even when life is hard and uncertain, have a stronger inner knowing that life is celebrating. When you can merge with the celebration of life, there becomes more in your life to celebrate. Neptune guides you to go for the simple things in life for they provide direct nourishment to your Soul. Letting go of frustrations, you can more readily accept the higher truth of things. Know deep at your core, that there is a karmic, organizing, divine principle at work – always.

Moon and Sun Power:


Shannon’s Energetic Breakdown: 3rd Quarter Moon

Third Quarter Moon embraces the powers of letting go, releasing, and forgiveness. This lunar stage focuses on your external wounds. Draw yourself inward with the Moon to explore who may have hurt, offended, diminished, or neglected you. Ask yourself where you may have done this to another. Taking an honest look at yourself gives you your power back.

“Magus Moon”: 

The waning Third Quarter Moon is an inward personal journey of self-development that turns your gaze upon the wounds of humanity. Gemini in this dynamic is called the “Magus Moon”. The Magus Moon governs the powers of alchemy — all creation originates from the quantum realm of thoughts. The Moon is reflecting upon your human desire to control the forces of the Universe. But first, humans must understand how the Universe works. True alchemy comes from the far depths of internal transformation. Let the power of the waning moon phase push you back into yourself. To transform and surrender with the Magus Moon, know the truth of your feelings, and find the gold within yourself. Don’t be afraid to dive in as the emotional energy is already pulling you there. Align with your Soul-support mentors to submerge further into depths of your own personal magic.

7th Lunar Mansion: The Visitor

The Magus Moon passes through the 7th Lunar Mansion this week. The 3rd Quarter Magus Moon is reflecting upon the blessings bestowed by the Pisces Full Moon. The 7th Lunar Mansion wants to embody these blessings to water the new seeds of Life that are now growing within you. This is the time to nurture your roots and sprout from the inside out. Remember, 3rd Quarter lunar dynamics are pushing back into your core Self. This new breath of life is occurring at the quantum level. The “Visitor” is the new version of you from Soul that is ready to take on human form. Let yourself be generous by taking time this week to soak all this in. The Visitor (True You) has many heavenly gifts to share with you. Let yourself slow down, feel into this new opening, and surrender to the ecstasy of divine union. Let yourself be surprised by how the Universe deems the most joyous way to fill those needs.

HD Gate 45: The King and Queen

The 3rd Quarter Gemini “Magus Moon” passes through the Gate of the King and Queen. This gate recognizes the natural power of leadership. The Gemini Moon is helping you see your powers of influence. What styles of leadership come naturally to you? The Gate of the King and Queen carries the ability to access abundance, wealth, and opportunity. Tap into your inner resource energy to rediscover how you can help others in your royal tribal circle, kingdom, or queendom. Honor your ability to be a noble leader. Assert your power, manage your inner resources, and delegate within your community with benevolent power. Set into motion a field of attraction to bring the right people, places, and opportunities into your life to help you develop your personal leadership over the next 10 years.


Moon at 18 degrees Gemini: 
“A large archaic volume reveals traditional wisdom.”

The 3rd Quarter Gemini Moon brings the energy of seed knowledge to awaken in your Soul. The Mercury-ruled Moon and Sun are asking you to apply some effort into developing more awareness this week. Gemini Moon wants you to quiet your surface mind and practice tuning into your inherent, innate wisdom. In our modern-day world, there is a notion that new is better. But there is time-honored wisdom that exists for everyone that is universal and timeless. This is the knowledge that you want to seek this week. Connecting to ancient wisdom opens the portals to connect with your ancestors, too. This same traditional wisdom is what they may have been learning as well. Let yourself wander the Halls of Amneti this week. Let yourself gravitate towards information that piques your interest. Be curious as to why you need to know and enjoy the whispers of Time speaking to you. Ssshhh….

Check your Gemini-ruled House. Where is this happening in your Natal chart?


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Sun at 18 degrees Virgo: 
“A swimming race.”

The Virgo Sun’s message is about coming together to realize a spiritual ideal and the effort it takes to work together. With the idea of a “race”, there is the theme of competition and rules of the game. In order for there to be a fair competition, the rules of the game need to be followed by everyone. Like in the Olympic Games of the past, athletes and teams would be disqualified if they were breaking the rules. What makes a group effort great, is the ability of each person to do their best within the parameters of the event. Training, practice, and perfection increase your ability to do your best and master the art of your race or sport. The Virgo Sun wants you to reflect upon what training and practice do you need in your spiritual development to do your best? Also, be aware of not running yourself down by efforting too much. Run your own race and compete against yourself for the joy of mastering something great and important to you.

Check your Virgo-ruled House. Where is this happening in your Natal chart?

NEXT LUNATION: VIRGO 09/17-10/15/20

Inner Circle

This week the Moon helps you rediscover the power of your magical self. You can transform the dross into gold with personal alchemy. Know how the Universe works. Look for the simple things in life and celebrate them this week. Find out what your own personal needs are and then listen for what are the needs of others. Proclaim the divine leader within and access your inner resources to help those in your community. Heal yourself by remembering that you have everything you need right here and right now. Tune into the karmic, organizing principle of the Universe and be awe-inspired by the divine intelligence. This same intelligence lives in your own quantum field. Reflect upon how to interact with the true You and bring more of Her/Him out into the world.  Join us in the Inner Circle and Lunar Ladies Club to get more of your own fully personalized experience!

Here is the overview of the Leo Lunar Cycle 2020:

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