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Return to Innocence ~ 1st Quarter Leo Moon Frees your Inner Child!

The First Quarter Moon happens at 2 degrees Leo on April 22, 2018 at 2:45 PM PST/5:45 PM EST. This is the “Actor’s Moon” in the fixed modality of magnetic attraction. Root this energy into your life to harness its power. Innocence, Independence and Natural fulfillment are the theme song. This is the week to free your Inner Child by returning to your innocence where you will access your original essence. Read on!

The Leo 1st Quarter “Actor’s Moon” asks you to take a look at the masks you wear. What roles do you play and how many “you’s” are there? As this lunar cycle started in Aries, you are reconnecting to your original essence and your true identity as a Divine Being.

1st Quarter Moon Dynamics:

A 1st Quarter Moon energetic is created by forming a waxing, or building, 90 degree square of tension with the Sun. This is the week where the Leo Moon and the Taurus Sun help you to move through old stuck patterns and emotional blocks to liberate your creative Shakti energy. The Moon (subconscious awareness through emotions) squares the Sun (self-awareness through perception). This “blocking” energy creates a build-up of Universal Qi that forms enough tension to breakthrough an old paradigm of lower vibrational living. Take a look at 13 minutes of “What’s Up!”

Your Power Planet Players:

The Leo Moon comes into alignment with the North and South lunar Nodes. You are now given the opportunities to expand your Soul in your Leo-ruled House and liberate a Soul pattern in your Aquarius-ruled House. (See your Natal chart) Ceres shines her light with the Moon and invites you to attune to your Ancestors through your heart chakra. This fiery Moon harmonizes with Chiron in Aries to emblazon your “I AM” Presence sense of identity and Mercury. What messages are being channeled to your from your Divine Self?

A Fire Kite Trine forms with the Moon, Part of Fortune, and Chiron/Mercury in Aries. The tail of this spiritual Fire Kite activates this powerful Love energy at 1 degree Gemini. I love the Sabian Symbol and it is your key to tuning this power on. The Symbol is “SANTA CLAUS FURTIVELY FILLING STOCKINGS HANGING IN FRONT OF THE FIREPLACE.” KEYNOTE: A rewarded faith in spiritual blessings. The Keyword is:   Innocence. 

Take this 1st Quarter lunar week and reawaken your childhood memories of your innocence. An easy way will be for you to connect with Santa Claus or through your holiday experience. Feel that excited anticipation and the thrill of trying to be good and do what is right. You will have so much fun with this one!  Isn’t that AWESOME??!!

Sabian Symbol Equation:

The Moon at 2 degrees Leo:  “A MIDDLE-AGED WOMAN, IN HER LONG HAIR FLOWING OVER HER SHOULDERS AND IN A BRA-LESS YOUTHFUL GARMENT.” KEYNOTE: The will to meet the challenge of age in terms of our modern society’s glorification of youth. This symbol is about the desire and joy of claiming your right to experience your creative freedom, youth and vitality. It especially speaks to any social qualms that deny a woman’s right to “howl at the Moon”. This Leo Moon is helping your reorient yourself to creatively express your sensuality and be liberated from constraining social standards. The Keyword: INDEPENDENCE

The Sun at 2 degrees Taurus:  “NATURAL STEPS LEAD TO A LAWN OF CLOVER IN BLOOM.’ KEYNOTE: The gradual expansion of the individual consciousness after a fecundating experience. This fertile Taurus Sun energy ignites the life force of water to grow your vitality and riches. “Clover” is connected to good luck and the triune nature of your divine Self:  Mother, Father and Spirit. Taurus is methodical and needs to access energy through activating all your senses. Allow yourself to come alive step by step. Be patient to absorb and experience the flowering of your true Self.  Blossoms attract bees to make honey. Be super sweet with faith and determination. The Keyword:  NATURAL FULFILLMENT.

Retrogrades Oh My!

Pluto and Saturn are in retrograde this week. This means you are in review with your Inner Wise Teacher and Soul. Watch for messages, signs and openings from your Higher Soul Self to help you navigate your world over the next five months through September 2018. Karmic events on a Soul level occur when these two power planets are in the same sign. In the Collective, this retrograde journey will be about redistributing power by seeing old patriarchal institutions dismantling. Throw in Uranus shifting into Earth-loving Taurus and you will begin to witness money and abundance shifting. True Earth stewards will reap the benefits and those locked into short-term greed will be most likely given a time-out.

Chiron moved into Aries on April 17, 2018. This is going to be a 7 year cycle of rebirthing Spirit Warriors. Those born 1968-1977 are being summoned by the Great Universal Plan to rise up and be bold. Shannon at Lunar Ladies falls into this legion of Spirit Warriors and will be leading Spirit Warrior trainings to heed the call to assist Humanity in its spiritual revolution. Aho!

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