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Return of Litha: New Moon Cancer

New Moon in Cancer Lunar cycle begins at 0 degrees on June 20, 2020 at 11:41 PM PST/12:41 AM MST/1:41 AM CST 2:41 AM EST on 06/21/2020

New Moon in Cancer is the first of two consecutive lunations happening in the sign of Cancer. The first Cancer New appears on June 20, 2020, followed by a second Cancer New Moon on July 20th. At 0 degrees – POTENT POWER – the New Moon in Cancer is harmonized by the Water Element and the Fire Element of the Summer Solstice Sun. But wait that is not all! Add in a Solar Eclipse event to take the power of this moment up a notch.

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What is a Solar Eclipse?

A Solar Eclipse is like a Galactic New Moon. Normal New Moons gestate new intentions in the fertile soil of Mother Earth’s electromagnetic field. But with an Eclipse, the Moon acts like an interruption to the flow of energy. This powerfully breaks apart repetitive behavior patterns and acts like a cosmic computer reboot.

The Moon shuts down masculine-left brain energy during an Eclipse. The feminine-right brain is flooded with “Anima” intuitive energy. This awakens unconsciousness ~ like the feeling of a lucid dream where you become hyperaware. It’s the energy of being able to do anything in the dream state. It’s the power to fly! Solar Eclipses then balance the left and right brain to gift you much bigger insights that develop over 6 months. Solar eclipse energy shows you where you are imbalanced, too, and how much centering you need to create new habits around.

Litha, The Goddess of Summer

Litha is the Goddess of the Summer Solstice. Litha is a time to celebrate life with the element of Fire and the Sun. Midsummer comes as the longest day and the shortest night of the year. According to the latest issue of Wicca Magazine, “The Goddess has become pregnant and the Sun God, the Oak King, is at the pinnacle of his virility. Litha is the celebration of the climax of the solar year. When the sun is at his zenith of life-giving power. Litha is a time to rejoice in the fertility, fulfillment, and culmination of achievements. It is at this time Wiccans honor the surrender of the Oak King’s reign to his twin brother, the Holly King. Just as the sun has reached the height of power, the wheel of the year turns, and the growing light shifts to increasing the increments of the dark.”

Daughters of the Revolutions

The New Moon Solar Eclipse on Summer Solstice is collapsing timelines to awaken the “Daughters of the Revolution”. The position and timing of this New Moon is powerful because not only of the “Zero Point Field” of Summer Solstice, but also its conjunction with the Gemini-Sagittarius Nodal Wave. From November 7, 2018 to May 6, 2020, the Nodal Wave of destiny passed through the Cancer-Capricorn axis. The next six months as we move towards the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on Winter Solstice, humanity will have the opportunity to revisit that time.

In the language of the Sabian Symbols, “A ship lowers one flag and raises another,” to “A daughter of the revolution” rises to reorient and glorify the past. In America, the Founding Fathers oriented this country to honor the Virgo Goddess of Providence and Abundance. The birthdate for Independence Day aligns the Sun with Sirius at 13 degrees Cancer. There are 13 original colonies, 13 stars, and 13 stripes. The soul of this nation rests in the heart of the Great Goddess.

This is why it is imperative that the United States gets back to basics and lives by the principles of nurturing, kindness, and caring for one another in the mindset of “brotherly-sisterly love”. The sins of the past, the skeletons in the closet have come knocking the Piper has come for his due.

Atonement is literally “at-one-ment”. It takes one moment for a unified field of consciousness to come into being. Atonement is when you apologize for doing something wrong. As a religious actatonement is an effort to make up for wrongdoings so you can be in harmony with a higher power. Over the next six months, the country of the United States has a great opportunity to enter into the field of Harmony. The key to this portal is accessing a higher power of divinity within each individual. It is not enough to stand together with one side against another side. The real power is in realizing that we have each been both: the Victim and the Perpetrator; the Slave and the Master; the Saint and the Sinner.

~ Time to Breakdown this Cancer New Moon Pt. 1! ~

New Moon Dynamics:  New Beginning ~ Fresh Start ~ Blank Page

New Moon dynamics embrace the powers of New Beginnings, Fresh Starts, and being a Blank Page. This lunar stage is your invitation to set your intentions and put into conscious motion your next 28-day goals and 6-month big dreams. New Moon Time is consciously washing your Soul free of ego attachments.

A New Moon happens when the Sun and Moon join together at the same degree in the sky. The New Moon is called the Dark Moon, as no sunlight is reflecting upon Her surface. Stillness is the energy state required to powerfully align your intentions with the greater creative forces of the Galaxy. Find your Cancer-ruled House in your Natal chart as well as your Natal Moon and 4th House sign to be your guides. Join the Lunar Ladies Club to support your development and acceleration. Discover how to create your 5D Earth dreams!

“Mother’s Daughter Moon”:  Nurturing the Revolution

Cancer governs the sacred space of the womb. This is your memories of your experience in utero, being born, and growing up in your family’s home. The Cancer New Moon is called “Mother’s Daughter Moon” and invites you to bring forth the energy of your childhood nurturing. This vibration can open up wounds from childhood where you did not receive the nurturing that you needed and your relationship with your mother was not an easy one.

This lunar week is a great time to remember your childhood and draw upon joyful memories. Look at your family’s lineage, history, and stories. Pull out old photographs to help jar your memory, too. If your memories are painful, you can use the Eclipse to end old cycles of abuse still lingering in your adult life experiences. Pull out your Natal Chart and find your Cancer-ruled House. Feel into what new cycle needs to be created. This is powerful; take hold of the wheel and be in the driver’s seat. Connect with Shannon if you need personal 1:1 Coaching. Join the Lunar Ladies Club to experience supportive and safe group coaching with other women who are growing their Souls.

Moon & Sun in the 8th Lunar Mansion:
“The Gap”

The Mother’s Daughter Moon passes through the 8th Lunar Mansion. This cosmic mansion is guarded by the Moon and Pluto. The 8th Lunar Mansion opens you up to the power of Heart guidance. This is the ability to connect to the intuitive guidance of your feelings which is a merging of reasoning and love. This energy is victorious when it is allowed to flow freely. This is “Soft Power” at its finest with the transformative energies of Pluto to alchemize any situation with love and reason. Emotional freedom is the victory to be attained when you align yourself with the power of the 8th Lunar Mansion. It hosts the frequency of the Solar Zodiac or Summer Solstice which increases its vibration as the heart of GOD-GODDESS. This energy is meant for Collective use to dismantle old, out of date oligarchy/patriarchy structures with compassionate tidal wave forces. This tidal energy frees stolen power of the Elite and returns it to the Greater Good.

Moon + Sun + Total Solar Eclipse = REBIRTH

“A potter at work.”

The Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse New Moon in Cancer begins a cycle of mastery. As Mercury Retrograde is about doing the work to cultivate and train the mind through August 1st, the New Moon’s energy is about finding a creative space to create a work of art: You. Over the next 28 days and six months, create your sacred space. You now have the Sun’s power to manifest something that is important to you and is of great value. Everything wants to flourish now. Give your all to a great task that calls to your heart and soul. Maybe what is calling to you is creating a new way of life. To nurture, sustain, and emanate a renewed, higher personal frequency, you must work to transmute shadows and limitations. The Moon and Sun’s power with the Summer Solstice is hyper-focused on creating a “perfect world” and in the USA a “perfect union”. Look at what you don’t want to see. This is where your power lies and where the work needs to be completed over the next six months.

The Wrap-Up: What’s next

You have a powerful ability to block out everything that you don’t want to see. When you do that consciously or unconsciously, the consequence is you project onto your reality your own perceptions of truth. Instead of tuning into what is really happening around you and within you. Your task is to raise your vibration daily to merge with your Spirit, instead of your separated ego. Be aware of when the energy of denial shows up, visa vie discord and limitations. Stay attuned to the deeper meaning of things that spark your spiritual and creative awareness.

  • Breakdown barriers and clear away residue from your past
  • Seek to be a vessel of what inspires you
  • Be receptive to the spiritual light and what harmonizes with your Soul
  • Seek to collect the trash of the past so that it is out of your way

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