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Retrogrades and Reflection: The Journey of Mercury in Taurus

Wise women of Wonder! This is your cue to take a step back and give way to review multiple aspects of your life now through August 25, 2017. Retrogrades are a time for renewal, reflection and slowing down (even if it’s only a few minutes slower!). There are four, count them FOUR!, planets in retrograde motion and this is quadrupling your invitation to take time for yourself. Let’s take a look at who is calling out to you.

Jupiter in Libra:  February 6-June 9

Jupiter is the planet of expansion and rules Sagittarius. Jupiter is about being a Free Spirt on a soul adventure of the deeper meanings of Life. In Libra, Jupiter balances the scales with truth and justice in relationships, social matters, and equality between genders. These themes are up for review in your personal life as well as in our collective culture. Ask yourself, “What is the truth of my relationships? Am I being authentic? How can I love more?” For help in bringing more harmony come to our next free webinar on the Full Moon in Libra.

Venus in Aries:  March 4-April 15

Venus in Retrograde until April 15 (Pisces to Aries). Venus swims the deep murky waters of our Souls’ sorrows on the Earth. Especially those sorrows of the Feminine. How has the Feminine been wounded, made into a victim and given the role of martyr? Venus squares Saturn on 4/8 and again on 4/21. The first one will be the lesson and the second will be the resolution. Sagittarius meets Pisces. Boundaries and beauty, relationships and rules, spiritual adventure seeking the truth of the Higher Mind and the infinite joy of an eternal existence of unconditional love. Slooooww waaay down to feel into the depths of cosmic space within each of your singing cells. Creative rest is the name of this game in all of April. Taurus energy invites you to stop and smell the roses.

Saturn in Sagittarius:  April 5-August 25

Saturn in Retrograde April 5 in Sagittarius (Sag-Leo vibration). Here you are reviewing your principles with a careful, thoughtful higher mindset. Be disciplined and a devoted disciple of your deeper meanings and bigger picture of truth. Your best bet is too learn to make light of things and become more free-spirited. Get really good at releasing judgements. Now is the time to learn how to use your higher mind to resolve past mistakes.

Mercury in Taurus:  April 9 – May 3

Mercury is in Taurus as he returns to his underworld descent into his right brain of spacious non-verbal wonderment. Taurus is ruled by Venus and Mercury passes her as he descends and she ascends. Taurus and Saturn are both Earth element vibrations and move very slowly. Mercury Retrograde is the time to be thoughtful instead of thinking or talking too fast. It’s time to feel your words. With the focused, obsessed energy of Saturn, Mercury in Taurus is looking at the long road ahead and contemplating each step. During this journey, focus on feeling safe, on what you have and what you need for the long haul. Develop a long-term strategy by focusing your thoughts, words and actions on stability and sustainability. What financial growth security can you mentally devise now? Attune your language to one of having all the material needs you want to feel safe and secure during this retrograde period.

Full Moon in Libra:  April 10

The Full Moon rises in Libra and starts the week of Expansion of the Aries New Moon cycle. The Moon comes into our peak power April 10, 2017 at 11:08 PM PST. Your relationships will be in the spotlight with many planetary therapists available to help (all the retrogrades ones mentioned above). Full Moon is the time to celebrate what comes up and what you feel. It is also the time to release polarized negative feelings that are holding you back from your joy. The Full Moon helps you to forgive, release and let go. Stay tuned for the Lunar Ladies post on 4/10/17 for the full picture of the Full Moon in Libra.

Need help navigating these retrograde cycles? Join our public Facebook Group “Lunar Ladies Lifestyle” and sign up for our next webinar. Listen to your inner wisdom that is inviting you to invest in your emotional well-being and align more with your lunar rhythms. Lunar Ladies is here to help you get on track with our award-winning Living a Lunar Lifestyle ecourse and our much sought-after Lunar Ladies Club membership.

We are calling out to the best and brightest Wise Woman Warriors to join us in our community and we have a feeling that is you.


2 responses to “Retrogrades and Reflection: The Journey of Mercury in Taurus

  1. I have gotten used to being excited for mercury retrograde because BIG things happen!! It also helps “push” me to flow more with life 😉

    1. Oh that is so exciting, Amanda! That’s a wonderful reframe for those who dread Mercury Retrograde :-). Yes, you are right, BIG things happen when you know how to be in the flow. Great way of tuning into currents with your divine Feminine Wisdom. Love it!

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