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Resuscitate the Primordial Goddess: Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde October 5, 2018 at 12:04 PM PST/3:04 PM EST/8:04 PM UK

at 10 degrees Scorpio


Venus goes into Her 40 day/40 night sojourn into the Underworld October 5th through November 16, 2018. She finally exits Scorpio’s deep waters January 7, 2019! She revisits her Libra castle on Samhain Halloween and stays there through December 2, 2018, returning once more into the darkness of Scorpio waters. This journey is long, deep and dark. Venus calls upon you to descend into the Great Void within your sacred temple womb to resuscitate the Primordial Goddess.

Ready or not. Ancestral Sisters from long ago chant a long forgotten language drawing you into the caves, the temples, the grottos … into your memories of the Ancient Ones.


Journey of 6 and 9:

As I ponder Venus’ underwater journey, Venus whispers to me, “Dive deep and gaze into the mirror of the Mayan lunar calendar.” As I do, the cardinal Water symbol numbers rise out of the murky depths of my scrying mirror. I see 6 and 9, the eternal symbol of Cancer, the Divine Mother Womb of the Great Goddess.

Venus days of change during her Retrograde journey appear within the vibration of 6 and 9. In numerology, the number 6 represents Gaia:  your home and hearth, loving relationships of every kind and deep compassion and empathy. The number 9 represents completion:  Universal love, eternity, faith, Spiritual Laws, karma, enlightenment, spiritual awakening, humanitarianism and Lightworkers. Ooo totally yummy!

Sojourn SignPosts:

My dreams have showed me this like a journey within a journey. Light and Shadow. Intimacy and Surrender. Venus reverses the Looking Glass on a “6 Sun Day in the Eagle Blue wave under the Moon of Motion” on October 5, 2018. You encounter the balancing energy  of your inner radiant light. Blue Eagle bestows the gift of deepening your independent vision. (I love the Power Animal of Eagle appears as this is the 2nd incarnation of Scorpio. Scorpio transforms from the Scorpion to the Eagle to the Phoenix.) Venus shares with you that you are deeply transitioning in your 2nd phase of Goddess Alchemy transformation.

She is at 10 degrees Scorpio:  “A Drowning Woman is Rescued”. This is your Venus power image to begin your journey with. Inside this image is found the necessity of helping others and being a hand when needed. The inner Feminine in all of us is reviving life. Counselors, therapists, and healers are life savers now. This journey is designed to lift stress and strain so that you can breathe freely again. You can receive the help you need and also answer the call to Humanitarianism, too. KEYWORDS:  Humanitarian. Resuscitation. Regaining one’s breath. Being rescued. Finding life renewed. Salvation. Oxygen. 

She enters Libra on a “6 World-Bridger Day in the Red Dragon Wave under the Moon of Form” on October 31, 2018. Venus offers you another balancing gift of joining together the primordial and modern elemental worlds to arise within you your Ancient Self. She does this when the Veil between the worlds is the thinnest on Samhain. Call forth your ancient Ancestors to meet you at this sacred place. Ask them to give you a gift that you can use to bless yourself and your lineage. Call for your most indigenous and well Ancestors to meet you at the Crossroads.

She goes direct on a “9 Wind Day in the White Wizard Wave under a Moon of Selfhood” on November 16, 2018. She meets Mercury at the gateway to pass the Torch of Renewal as he goes retrograde. Venus completes your realizations of your inner Spirit Song and makes them real. Allow this to redefine you as you spin your inner Wizard’s effortless magic around you. On this day Venus is 25 degrees Libra and offers you this image to contemplate:  “An Eagle and a Large White Dove turning into each other.” Venus shows you the integration of the principle of your solar plexus Will (the “Eagle”) with the principle of your sacral emotions (the “White Dove). Bringing these forces together within strengthens your energy. Feel the difference between force and love. Be firm and kind, flexible and sure of where you’re heading. Temper your inner will with love. Always and forever now.

She leaves Scorpio on a “9 Wizard Day in a White World-Bridger Wave under the Moon of Balancing” on January 7, 2019. Venus lets go of the deep transformation by making real your inner Magic. Here she bridges the worlds of life and death and making them no longer separate. You can now balance your reality with a new breath of life and transformation. Death no longer grips you with fear and delusion. Venus has cleared your pathway and reinstated that you are the Creatrix of Life throughout the Universe. We help each other live when we know that we are timeless, immortal Souls traveling the great photon bands of Love and Light! Free your inner Gypsy Soul and skip down the Yellow Brick Road with bountiful Jupiter, King of Good Luck!

How’s that for a Venus Retrograde Journey?!! BOOM!

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