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Restructuring Power ~ The Queen takes back her Crown with 3rd Quarter Moon

Third Quarter Moon week begins with the “Judge’s Moon” at 18 degrees on January 8, 2018 at 2:25 PM PST/5:24 PM EST. The Third Quarter will take you through the end of this Sagittarius lunar cycle. The Moon started as the “Gypsy’s Moon” and ends Her journey as the “Shaman’s Moon”. How have you shifted and what Galactic messages have you received since 12/17/17?

The Third Quarter Moon is created when the Sun and Moon make a 270 degree square in the Zodiac or 90 degree square to one another. As the Moon wanes, She loses emotional power and pushes your emotional Self inward. The Sun gains strength and helps the Moon’s lunar power to push you towards looking into your own mirror. How is your Queen energy? Is your Crown on or feel far away?

Lunar Chart:  Queen Venus Rises in Power

The Third Quarter “Judge’s Moon” wants you to look at your judgements. In the pursuit of righting wrongs, where have you missed the mark and became rigid in your perceptions? Look to the spirit of what opinions you feel strongly about – especially around power and authority. In the Third Quarter lunar chart, the Sun and Venus are exact with Pluto conjunct by one degree! Oooo! Super powerful for the Rising of the Feminine energy in all. This is the portal of time that the Queen takes back her crown. Transform, restructure, new authority and new rules based on how do you need to be loved and to love in the world. Success is contouring your actions and demanding you to be true to your loving public image now. If you deny this potent power of your inner Feminine, you will definitely frustrate the Goddess. Her shadow side is melancholy, brooding, disconnected and full of despair. She gets old before her time and super cranky. Instead, dive deep into your Wisdom that is here turned up to transform your structures, rules and how you create form in the material world. Let’s take a look at the Sabian Symbol Store that is revealed from the Collective Psyche for answers.

The Sabian Symbols:  Moon & Sun

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 18 degrees Libra is:  “A GANG OF ROBBERS IN HIDING.” KEYNOTE: Protest against disharmonic social privilege. This image brings up that notion of robbing the rich to give to the poor.  Their is angst in society around the imbalance of wealth that creates differences in economic classes. This separation creates those with and without. This challenge opens a doorway to allow people’s will to desire transformation to recalibrate the disharmony.  The teaching is to organize a public resistance movement towards positive change and to have a vision about how to restructure thee old institutions of wealth, privilege and class. Individual attempts are less effective than an organized group consciousness with group goals. Go inward with the Lunar push now. The Keywords are GROUP PROTEST.

The Sabian Symbols for the Sun at 18 degrees Capricorn is: “A FIVE-YEAR-OLD CHILD CARRYING A BAG FILLED WITH GROCERIES.” KEYNOTE: Rising to the occasion when asked to assume social responsibilities ahead of one’s normal development. This image portrays the value of teaching one how to fulfill the responsibilities of everyday life at an early age. What “global family roles” can you assume at this time of your development as a global or even galactic citizen? As you do, you accelerate your potential and growth. Be careful of rushing ahead, stay center and grounded in your inner Wisdom and you will achieve a pattern of KEYWORD:  ACCELERATED GROWTH.

The Takeaway:

The messages from the Collective Psyche are showing you to look at Group Protest energy with Accelerating Growth of who you are becoming, individually and within a group consciousness. A massive restructuring of power, authority is happening and the outcome is new rules for society. The Feminine has returned to take back her Crown. The energy presenting Itself is here to recalibrate and rebalance the energy so that the Collective consciousness can evolve.

Take this week to wind down and discover how you transformed from the Gypsy to the Shaman in your emotional awareness. Allow the Moon to push your awareness inward. Go with the flow and seek wise counsel to give your Inner Venus her Crown and her rightful place of power. Next lunar cycle happens in the frequency of Capricorn that is now calling to you to go within. As you take advantage and choose this inward path this week, you set yourself up for success to receive of all the benefits of the next lunar cycle. This is the first lunar cycle of Saturn’s return home to his castle and you want to be tuned in to get the downloads for setting your Power Goals for the next 2.5 years! Don’t miss out!

4 responses to “Restructuring Power ~ The Queen takes back her Crown with 3rd Quarter Moon

  1. Makes sense! I go thru observations periods, then periods of download where I literally feel the Universe downloading information straight to my conscious and subconscious, it’s so fast, and exhilarating. David will ask me at times when I’m up in the middle of the night, and ill tell him it’s happening, I’m downloading, I’m receiving information lol. I love this time of year! It’s my jam!

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