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Twelfth House

Twelfth House represents unconscious beliefs, dreams, unity and compassionate oneness. In this last of the twelve houses, you find where your secrets dwell and where the ideas of your conscious mind roam the hallways of your subconscious mind.  

In the shadow of this house is where escapism, drugs and alcohol can be found.  The Twelfth House informs you of the damage which has been self-inflicted.  The Twelfth House is about your unchecked fears, paranoia and the debilitating diseases of your unconscious mind.

The Twelfth House represents all that is intangible and karmic consequences, both good and bad. This house also represents the collective consciousness, too. You may experience the karma and spiritual lessons of humanity in this house.

The 12th House is ruled by Pisces and Neptune. The traditional ruler of the 12th House is Jupiter before Neptune was discovered.  Pisces is loving and sensitive.  Jupiter is one of the most beneficent planets.  Neptune in the Twelfth house is the inner strength and inner sensitivity of this part of the chart.

In the physical body, the Twelfth House rules the feet, toes and physical pain.

When understanding the nature of the 12th House, it helps to look at its opposite or Octave. The Octave is the Sixth House. Where the 12th House rules beliefs, dreams and unity consciousness, the Sixth House governs faith, service and humility.

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