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The Elements

The Elements:  Air, Earth, Fire, Water

The Elements are the root principles of Astrology and represent the basic vital life forces found in our Solar System, as well as in the Laws of the Universe. The Zodiac has been described as the Soul of Nature by early astrologers in ancient times.



Represents the life energy that is known as Qi, Prana or Mana. Air is the breath of life. In the dimension of the Air element, resides ideas, intellect, thought and archetypes. Air shapes the energy of patterns. Air uses the power of focus to bring ideas into material reality (in contrast to Fire, that uses Will). Air ascends into a higher vibration when ideas become ideals and social connections turn to love.


Represents physical senses, the here and now, and the reality of the material world. Practical reason and the world of form imbue the Earth element. Think brick, mortar and building things that will last lifetimes. Sustainability, patience, legacy, endurance and physical well-being are the domains of this element. Because of its weight and slowness, the Earth element is the master of self-discipline and understanding how the material functions.


Represents universal radiant energy and brings us light, color and warmth. It’s energy is dynamic, direct, inspiring and enthusiastic. Fire embodies itself as Self-directed, self-motivated and self-centered. Fire brings us life-force, identity, charm, love, adventure and spiritual vision. Fire enjoys the Air signs because they fan Fire’s flame. Air offers new ideas that Fire can act on.


Represents feelings, intuition, deep emotions, consciousness, passions and the psychic realms. Water flows into unconscious reality and moves what lays there – whether it is in the Underworld or the Cosmos. When Water swells unconscious feelings, fear can take over. Empathy, compassion and a desire to connect with Oneness allow Water to connect with the Universe. Water enjoys the Earth element because it gives its density, boundaries and direction. Water is the universal solvent and has the power dissolve any physical substance over time. Water helps gain consciousness through a slow realization of the soul’s deepest yearnings.

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