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Tenth House

The Tenth House represents career, contributions to community, legacy and sustainability. The cusp of the Tenth House is the highest point or mid-heaven of your birth chart. What else would it be concerned with other than your highest aspirations?  

The Tenth House represents your career, status and achievements.  Traditionally symbolized as the “Spiritual Father”, the Tenth House represents authority, responsibility, rules and duty.

The Tenth House is ruled jointly by Capricorn and Saturn. In this house, Capricorn is practical and ambitious and Saturn is about contracting energy, focus, setting limits and structure.  Your dreams of success live here, sandwiched between ambition and structure.

In the physical body, the Tenth House rules the knees, bones, skin and teeth.

The octave of the Tenth House is the Fourth House. The Fourth House is the “Spiritual Mother” and rules feelings, family, childhood, memories and ancestral lineage.

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