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Taurus Ascendant

TaurusTaurus Ascendant is learning how to be more in love with the pleasures of life. Taurus is slow and steady, not in a rush to smell the roses and enjoy the sensory delights of the Earth.

Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign and is very slow moving because she is cataloging all the sensory information before making a decision to move on. Why move so fast when the Earth is so bountiful and delicious? Ruled by Venus and the Second House, Taurus Ascendant values pleasure and the security of material things.

Taurus Ascendant craves the security and comfort of found relaxing in the warmth of home. Baked bread, plush blankets, a roaring fire are medicine to Taurus energy. She will work hard to make her home feels good.   

Being so in touch with the Earth, Taurus Ascendant has the makings of medicine woman. Healing plants and other medicines found in the Earth are her speciality.  

Although quiet on the surface, Taurus Ascendant possesses of a powerful will, and can be quite stubborn and rigid, just like its totem animal, the Bull. If a project is close to her heart, Taurus will not give up but instead breathe new life into it with persistence and patience. 

Taurus Ascendant embodies obedience, loyalty, practicality and kindness. Material abundance comes easily, and living the good life is a priority. The mission of Taurus is to stabilize and ground these virtues to influence for society to be more in touch with the Earth and express gratitude for all the Earth’s grandeur.

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