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Sun in Taurus

The Sun in the sign Taurus is the stabilizer of the Earth element energy. Taurus is a Fixed-Earth sign represented by the Bull. Slow and steady, patient and wise, Taurus is ruled by sensory perception, absorbing all the fruits and abundance of the Earth. In the physical body, Taurus rules the throat. Taurus rules the Second House and its ruling planet is Venus who intoxicates her relationship with the beauty and bounty of the Earth.

Taurus Suns enjoy in the pleasures of life to the “nth” degree. Comforted by her senses, Taurus loves and craves the relaxing energy of the warmth of her home environment. This imbues her sense of safety and security as well as finding much value in the luxuries of the material world.

Sun in Taurus values the enjoyment of material things and is likely to work hard to surround herself with beautiful and attractive things. Material and financial rewards seem to come easily, and the ability to lead a good life comes second nature without being excessively concerned about it.

Because Taurus Suns are in love with the Earth, they have the makings of a healer due to a large capacity for kindness. Her steady presence alone is healing and has a practical, productive and stabilizing influence for those around her.

Remember Taurus Sun totem is the Bull, and can be quite stubborn at times, and perhaps somewhat rigid in your thinking. She tends to be quiet on the surface, almost passive, but she possesses a powerful will and physical strength. Taurus Sun makes an art out of being and loving, obedient and loyal.  

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