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Sun in Pisces

The Sun in Pisces is the Cosmic Dreamer of the Zodiac. Pisces is the Mutable aspect of the Water element. Pisces rules the feet in the physical body and is ruled by Neptune, and also Jupiter (in ancient times).

Pisces rules the Twelfth House of archetypal waters. We are invited to enter the Great Mystery to reflect, cleanse and dissolve within the collective unconscious. This dreamy invitation allows us to release and be reborn into a new dream of existence.

Pisces Sun is represented by two fish swimming in the ocean of consciousness. Pisces Suns are friendly and likable, and boundless in their introspection. Pisces is a watery sign and concerned with subtle emotions and secret mystical mysteries. Pisces is not really home in this material world. 

The Zodiac loves Pisces’ dreamy imagination. Pisces is easily influenced what what is around and is sensitive to the emotions of others. This dreamy imagination opens up an artistic window that allows feelings to be expressed in creative and innovative ways.

Pisces Sun can be strong if need be, but finds it hard to make a decision. Given to episodes of upset because of so much sensitivity, reactions to situations and events that appear harsh can feel overwhelming.

Pisces Sun is the true compassionate companion, offering service, love and understanding to all of life.

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