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Sun in Leo

Sun in Leo is in its ruling sign and and lights up the world in this vibration. Sun in Leo represents will and purpose, sense of vitality, and the evolution of your Higher Self. Leo is the Fixed sign of the Fire element and rules the heart and spine.

Leo Sun likes to express in dramatic, creative and assertive ways. Leo born Sun-signs are the most likely to enjoy the warmth and vitality of the Sun. This sign possesses great energy, courage and honesty.

Leo is rules the Fifth House and is ruled by the Sun. Leo is self-confident and a bit self-indulgent. This Sun sign is charming so expect her to be the center of attention, especially at parties. The Fire element infuses determination and usually gets her way when she really want it. Leo is proud and embodies great integrity as a natural leader.

Leo Suns’ challenge is subdue the propensity for arrogance or too much ego. Placing her focus more on developing inner humility and compassion will enhance the life experience of others. Learning detachment of affections helps radiate abundant energy and warmth freely just like the Sun.

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