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Sun in Gemini

The Sun in Gemini represents the mind, thoughts and curiosity. Gemini is the Twins Pollux and Castor. Being of two minds, Gemini is the Mutable, changeable aspect of the Air element. Gemini Sun’s ruling planet is the winged messenger, Mercury. Gemini rules breath, the arms, the shoulders and the lungs. 

Gemini rules the Third House of communication, thoughts, behaviors, siblings and neighbors. Because of this Gemini Sun is the sign most connected with thinking and conversations based on duality — this or that. Gemini Sun people tend to be seen as airy, intellectual, curious about life and other people and slightly gossipy.

Gemini can experience two sides of everything at the same time. They can change their minds at will and be easily distracted if not focused. They move through life like a social butterfly, flying from flower to flower and engaging in a variety of experiences to gain information. They are information junkies.

Sun in Gemini have quick wits and a good sense of humor. Having gathered information from many experiences, Gemini people are excellent conversationalists and are a must-have at your parties. They make good teachers and are engaging to their students because they are also great impromptu actors.

In the shadow, Gemini Sun can be nervous and prone to anxiety. They also are associated with The Trickster and monkey and may be quite mischievous. They can become easily bored and if not self-disciplined, they can get themselves into trouble.

Marked with tremendous intellectual and artistic possibilities, Gemini Suns are amazing as performers, actors, musicians, writers and composers.

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