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Sun in Aquarius

The Sun in Aquarius represents our rebellious, eccentric, spontaneous and original nature. Aquarius is Fixed sign and is the grounding of the Air element. Just like lightning, Aquarius fixes the light of a new understanding.

Aquarius rules the Eleventh House of Friendship, Groups and one’s Soul Tribe. Its ruling planets are Uranus and in ancient times, Saturn. Aquarius rules the circulation system and the ankles in the physical body.

Aquarians are forward thinking and Sun in Aquarius is from the future. Being fixed Air, Aquarius is detached because this Sun is way out there in this vibration. Eccentricity and uniqueness are strong character traits.

Being more futuristic in nature, Sun in Aquarius is scientifically minded, logical and confident in her knowledge. She appears eccentric because she is likely to be years ahead of her time, especially when compared to others. She can appear to be hyper-focused on her pursuits of learning but since Aquarius rules groups, social contact is of high value.

Aquarius Sun is intuitive, imaginative, inventive, and a risk taker in the service of her goals. Noble to her core, she may come across as critical or demanding. But in her deepest nature, she is found aligning with her highest purpose:  the striving for the good of all and the betterment of society. 

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