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Seventh House

The Seventh House represents your relationships, soul contracts and agreements with others. As your Fifth House is about romance, the Seventh House examines love and deep commitments, like marriage.  

Traditionally, it’s the house of marriage, one-on-one relationships and business partnerships.  The Seventh House helps you examine what you give and what you need in a deeply committed relationship.

The Seventh House is also known as your Descendant sign.  Just as the Ascendant sign marks your rising sign on the Eastern horizon of your natal chart, the Descendant house is setting over the Western horizon at the moment of your birth. This represents the qualities of who you are attracted to.

The Seventh House is ruled by Libra and Venus.  Libra is the zodiac sign of balance and harmony, fairness and justice. Venus is how you express your love. Venus also rules Taurus and the Second House. Here in the Seventh House, Venus expresses herself in community, in relationship with another and socially. 

In the physical body, the Seventh House rules the ovaries, low back, kidneys, veins, and buttocks.

The octave to the Seventh House is the First House of Self. Where the Seventh House rules your relationship with another, the First House governs your relationship with yourself.

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